NYCC 2012: MOTUC Reveals Clamp Champ, NA He-Man, Castle Grayskull

I was really pumped for the MOTUC reveals planned for NYCC 2012, after all this is my first time seeing them live!  And Scott didn’t let me down (too much) when he announced two new figures for 2013 and of course the blueprints for Castle Grayskull.  July 2013 we will be getting two new figures: Clamp Champ as the monthly figure and NA He-Men as the $25 quarterly variant slot.

Scott is going to need to get to work on the “green-lit program to get us more figures” he mentioned in his subscription victory speech.  Reason being it is still 2o12 and we only have four reveals left for the year of 2013, they have never revealed so much this early.

I got some good shots of both new figures and the Castle Grayskull blueprint.  Go ahead and check them out, Matty and the Horsemen did a hell of a job especially with Clamp Champ … there is a lot of subtle detail in there that makes me appreciate him a lot.

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