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I don’t know much about Dekker.  I just want to put it out there beforehand in case I get into some crazy backstory I made up to come to terms with him.  Apparently Mr. Dekker was the original Man-At-Arms and had some kind of a big role in the MYP Cartoon.  In the spirit of Chief Carnivus, Mattel likes to bring us the most exciting MYP characters in the classics line.  That brings us to Dekker, the man who looks like Sam Jackson when wearing his old head.  Sorry but that eye-patch has become synonymous with Sam Jackson in my mind.

MOTUC Dekker Review
Sexy and I know it …

Masters of the Universe Classics – Dekker
Release Date: 11/15/2012 (Monthly Subscription)
Price: $20.00 ($22.00 non sub)
Faction: Heroic Trainer-of-Arms
Real Name: Dekker (Much like Seal, no last name needed)

MOTUC Dekker Review
Is that …. purple drink?

Dekker seems like one of those “out there” choices Mattel seems to pull between fan favorite figures.  Sometimes this works and the figure turns out fantastic like Horde Prime.  Other times you just kind of scratch your head and ask “why?”  Dekker is a bit of a mystery to me and I don’t really find myself overly enthusiastic about him.  It isn’t that he wasn’t done well, he looks fine.  He’s just a character I never really knew about and he can’t do much but stand around so he bores me.

MOTUC Dekker Review

The theme this month seems to be limited articulation.  Eternos Palace King Randor has a lot of cut and limited articulation.  Dekker continues this trend with another tunic that goes half way down his thigh, rendering his upper legs mostly useless.  I’d imagine they could have come up with some type of cut or strategic slit in the tunic that would have opened up the leg movement.  I could do it myself but I hate cutting and coloring things, both acts usually end in disaster for me.

MOTUC Dekker Review

I was a little scared when I first saw him that his tunic was one piece which would eliminate more than just the leg articulation.  Thankfully this is not the case.  Similar to Preternia Disguise He-Man the top of the tunic is a separate part.  This leaves you with the option to take off the top if you think it is getting a little bulky.  In the case of Dekker, especially if you use his old-guy head, you will get the most ripped old person you will ever see.  It certainly makes him look like a badass, but there are already so many almost shirtless men in MOTUC I may have reached the point of over saturation.

MOTUC Dekker Review

I mention Dekker’s old man head because he comes with two heads!  The old version of Dekker is rocking a black eyepatch and strikes a great resemblance to Sam Jackson playing Nick Fury.  This is my prefered head.  The younger head is apparently supposed to give him a resemblance to Man-At-Arms, mostly by giving him a mustache.  The only people in Eternia who previously rolled with a mustache were Duncan and Bow, now young Dekker joins the fold.  I’m glad he opted into the entire beard in his old age, I think he looks much better and wiser for it.  You could probably try to use the young Dekker head as a replacement Man-At-Arms without helmet head.  He has a  ponytail and a mustache so it is kind of close, if he had a chubbier face I think he could pull off a good Duncan.

Regardless of how I feel about the second head, I love when they include a second head.  Mattel will always score points with me when they give me more options, and heads are always the best because the extras can go on Palace Guards.

MOTUC Dekker Review
See! Your tunic has slits, it’s as if you were designed by Terry!

Besides his extra head, the only other accessory is the same flimsy orange mace we got with Man-At-Arms.  It’s fine but I wouldn’t mind a new take on it, or even if they did a silver or different color that I could give to Snake Man-At-Arms.  If you are looking for accessories to arm him with the green Clawful shield in the recent weapons pak works really well along with the slightly recolored mace.

You aren’t going to find much new tooling on Dekker, he is mostly covered in an overlay for his tunic.  The one thing you will get however is new boots!  Yes, November is the month of new boot tooling.  I would say this month ate the entire rest of the year’s budget considering Randor, Dekker, and Castle Grayskullman all came with new feet.

MOTUC Dekker Review

It’s always nice to get a new character, especially one that has never seen plastic before.  I just wish that new character was a little more exciting and that they had made a few different design choices.  Dekker is a great character to stick in the background of your MOTUC display, but he’s just not all that fun of a toy.  You won’t find yourself going back to the shelf to find a new position, or just pulling him out to take a few shots with the camera.  So while it is great we get a never-before-done character who looks very nice, he just doesn’t excite me like a Cy-Chop does.

You know what Jon, I think Dekker is great and you’re an asshole … where can I get him?  Well he is still available on!  But he is almost sold out so move quick.  If you miss out on him at Matty’s site, Amazon is also a great place to grab him!  Throw in a Man-At-Arms for him to train as well!

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