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The problem with being the guy everyone is afraid to say “no” to is that eventually your ego will lead you to believe that all of your ideas are great ones.  Skeletor got to the point that he thought chaining a dragon to his back would finally be the gimmick that helps him defeat He-Man and rule Eternia.  Unfortunately for him he mostly hires brain-dead henchmen who think anything he does is great, and they wouldn’t dare question such an astute man.  So this is how something like Dragon Blaster Skeletor is formed.

MOTUC Dragon Blaster Skeletor Review

Masters of the Universe Classics – Dragon Blaster Skeletor
Release Date: 09/17/2012 (Subscription – Quarterly Variant)
Price: $2o.00 sub / $22.00 non sub
Faction: Evil Skeleton People
Real Name: Keldor

MOTUC Dragon Blaster Skeletor Review

Dragon Blaster Skeletor was the next logical leap from Thunder Punch He-Man and came as the third quarterly variant for the year.  Skeletor ups the ante a bit by including the incredibly exciting conclusion to the mini-comic series.  He also ups the ante in the battle for Eternia by pad-locking a dragon to his back.  What does he plan to accomplish by this?  Not sure, but I’m betting he is really proud of himself.

MOTUC Dragon Blaster Skeletor Review

I have one huge problem with this Skeletor, and no the black plastic isn’t bugging me that much.  I am so tired of this Skeletor head.  I have a ton of this head in various shades, and I don’t want any more of them.  I would have even gladly taken another Alcala head over this one.  After so many reuses of the included head I think it’s just time to retire it.  Work on a smirking or articulated jawed Filmation Skeletor head and put it on the next variant.  Of course the latest He-Man variant revealed was the New Adventures version so it had to have a new head.  Hopefully they follow up with NA Skeletor and he will get the head from that series.

MOTUC Dragon Blaster Skeletor Review

This figure does have a newly  sculpted head on the Dragon however.  And while some would complain about the under-articulation of the Dragon at least his head is on a ball joint similar to all other figures in this line.  So you are able to do things like stick Draego-Man’s head on the dragon and vice-versa.  The dragon’s neck peg hole is a little large though so his head will sit on most pegs.

MOTUC Dragon Blaster Skeletor Review

I may be on the wrong side of history here, but I really like the dragon’s head sculpt.  I was never really particular to the vintage model and I think the 4H took enough creative liberty with it.  The whole dragon is fine with me as he serves his purpose of sitting on Skeletor’s back.  He has beautiful paint if it doesn’t chip on you.  They used a real metal chain and the presentation all looks great for him.

MOTUC Dragon Blaster Skeletor Review
Ok, I admit Cy-Chop, pad-locking a Dragon to my back was a terrible idea!

So why can’t I get excited for this guy?  It must just be the Skeletor burn-out.  I’ve had enough of him, or at least enough of this Skeletor head on this (slightly modified) same Skeletor body.  I’m just ready for something new as far as Skeletor goes.

MOTUC Dragon Blaster Skeletor Review
I’m still attached over her…. OH GOD! What has this idiot done now?!

Yes, this Skeletor has the Whiplash forearms and Kobra Khan shins which will help you kitbash together the ULTIMATE SKELETOR!  But at the same time I believe he is also the first Skeletor that is painted over.  So if you aren’t a fan of the black paint being painted I would be very weery of getting this figure.  Mine has some chipping around the shoulder, but that’s about it for the damage.  He is also a little more blue than previous Skeletor releases, not quite Keldor but somewhere in between there.

As you may notice this is a pretty old figure that I am reviewing.  I couldn’t find the motivation to do him, so he sat for weeks on end.  I even went out and bought toys and reviewed them that day, but couldn’t bring myself to Skeletor.  Well buddy we finally got you out here.  And in case you are wondering I put the Alcala head on most of the pictures, it is not the one he comes with but I just like it so much better.

Dragon Blaster Skeletor can be obtained on a wonderful website called

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