MOTUC Eternos Palace King Randor Review + Gallery

Oddly enough the guy I held up until last to open this month is the first one I wanted to review.  Eternos Palace King Randor marks the first full Filmation variant in the line.  We’ve previously seen a King Randor back a few years in his battle-gear based off of the vintage version.  We then got a very heavily Filmation inspired Marlena (albeit a bit frumpy because of her action-feature), so now the couple can finally be together in their Filmation glory.

MOTUC Eternos Palace King Randor Review

Masters of the Universe Classics – Eternos Palace King Randor
Release Date: 11/15/2012 (Subscription – Quarterly Variant)
Price: $20.00 ($22.00 non sub)
Faction: Master of the Universe
Real Name: Randor of the House of Miro

MOTUC Eternos Palace King Randor Review

I believe Filmation fans have been waiting a long time for this representation of the King.  I remember it getting a huge reaction when revealed at SDCC, and while I was excited as well it probably wasn’t my first choice for a Filmation variant.  That probably stems more from getting a previous version, and also kind of wanting a 200x or Royal Guard version of Randor first.  That said, he is not a He-Man or Skeletor variant so the departure from those variants is nice.

MOTUC Eternos Palace King Randor Review

Eternos Palace Randor comes with quite a few new sculpted parts.  While you have the advantage of new parts you also get the disadvantage of more restricted articulation.  His shoes, shoulders, gown, and waist are all new.  His shoulders still have a ball joint but the bicep articulation is all gone in favor of his puffy upper sleeve.  Randor’s leg movement is also very restricted due to his almost knee-length skirt.  Randor probably won’t be doing too many strenuous excercises while in his pajamas/royal garb, but it would be nice if he was able to sit on a throne.

MOTUC Eternos Palace King Randor Review

Randor has the same head as the original release, but they painted the crown more yellow to match the cartoon’s look.  He comes with a vac-metal chalice, or “pimp cup” as the kids are calling them these days.  He also has a soft-goods necklace chain that is plastic banded into place.  I’m tempted to just leave the band there so it doesn’t wear as time passes.  It’s also worth mentioning he has a recolored Whiplash spear which if you passed on the weapons pak repaint you can always give it to your other Randor.

MOTUC Eternos Palace King Randor Review

This version of King Randor is made to be a stationary display piece to go with the rest of the royal family.  It is probably also Mattel’s attempt to recoup a little bit on buying those Filmation rights until the rumored (rumor started by me) Filmation subscription plan hits next year.  Randor was a good start after Shadow Weaver, but I was really pining for something new.  Thankfully Fang Man and Octavia next year will really help me scratch that itch.

MOTUC Eternos Palace King Randor Review

November turned into the month of figures that have skirts that block leg movement.  Dekker and Randor both have this problem and I wish they would have thought through some strategic cuts in their skirts.  This at least would allow them to sit, so that in 2015 when we get the Eternos Palace playset they won’t have to go back again and make a Bubble Power Eternos Palace King Randor.

MOTUC Eternos Palace King Randor Review
Look, he sings too!

So where can you get your hands on Eternos Palace King Randor?  If you act quick you may be able to grab him on … he is still available but will sell out soon.  If you don’t like dealing with Matty direct, I would suggest checking out Amazon as they have him as well.  And if you are looking to complete your royal family you can check out the following links:

So yes, apparently a lot of the royal family was put out in convention exclusives!

On the subject of Filmation variants, I do hope we see Hordak as he was kind of hinted at during the New York Comic Con.  I’d also really like to see Filmation Count Marzo, and I know it may be a possibility because the Horsemen were brainstorming what existing parts would work for him on Twitter a while back.  Unfortunately they next batch of news we get will probably be New York Toy Fair in February, so just enjoy your holiday until then.

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