MOTUC Great Unrest Weapons Pak Review + Gallery

The “Great Unrest” Weapons Pak, creative name used to take a jab at MOTUC fans?  Probably.  Does it deliver the goods?  Definitely.  In general the weapon paks have been used to put out recolors of previously used accessories, or in the case of the Weapons Rack used to get the rack out.  This pak is a little different because it serves a couple of purposes.  First it is a way to get cut accessories out, such as the Horde Prime staff.  It was also used to get some original sculpted weapons in fan’s hands like the Man-At-Arms hand cannon.  They also through some repaints of previously released weapons to make sure you get some of your money’s worth.

MOTUC Great Unrest Weapons Pak Review

This weapon pak took a bit of a price increase from previous releases.  Where all previous packs were $12, this one went up to $18, which is a $6 increase for those that are bad at math.  I would assume all the original sculpts are what drove the price up, but even so the weapons rack also had an original sculpt and only came to $12.  While I am appreciative that we got a lot of these cut and fan requested parts I am still pessimistic about this model.  I feel like this gives Mattel a little more room to gut accessories and then, down the line, charge almost the price of a figure to get a pack of parts to complete your current collection.

MOTUC Great Unrest Weapons Pak Review

Regardless of my scepticism, this is still a good set and one I did not for a second hesitate to get.  It has some very essential parts, and is padded with some weapons that I’m not even sure what to do with.  The essential parts are all done right because we had previously seen what they are supposed to be, Horde Prime’s Staff, Man-At-Arms Hand Cannon, Keldor’s Dual Swords, and all of Draego-Man’s weapons.

MOTUC Great Unrest Weapons Pak Review

They obviously weren’t going to give us all original sculpts, but also felt the cut weapons weren’t enough so we got a few repaints.  I think this is where the set spirals into “WTF” territory as some of the color schemes don’t seem to go with anything we currently have out.  Some of the biggest offenders are the teal Chief Carnivus Sword and Shield, light blue Teela Shield, and to a lesser degree the Red Teela Snake Armor.

MOTUC Great Unrest Weapons Pak Review
Woooooo! Christmas hits Eternia early!

I realize the Red Teela Armor can be used to make a mini-comic version, but the colors just don’t seem to work well with the Teela we currently have.  I have also never been a huge fan of the snake-helmet of Teela’s so that clouds my judgement quite a bit.  I ended up sticking the red parts on Goddess just because it makes things seem a little more like Christmas.  I’m sort of disappointed that the sword is a different shade than the rest of the red parts.

MOTUC Great Unrest Weapons Pak Review

The Mattel in-joke continues in this set as we now have a white Zoar.  Of all the “Unrest” leading to this weapons pak, the biggest issue people clearly had been that there was a serious lack of white Zoar to go with Temple of Darkness Sorceress.  Well congratulations Mattel, you gave us another repaint of that stupid bird.  Maybe the next pack will include a white stand for it.

MOTUC Great Unrest Weapons Pak Review

The real reason everyone is buying these packs is for the new weapons.  The Horde Prime staff is a must, in fact I still believe it was a crime it was not included with the original release.  Well, I paid my extra ticket price and now Horde Prime looks complete.  This set seems to also be a huge thank you to the Four Horsemen as they included every single cut weapon from Draego-Man.  I would have been happy just having the shield, but he has so many weapons now that I actually have to choose favorites.  My favorite combination is the shield and the flame whip, if you really cared.

MOTUC Great Unrest Weapons Pak Review
Blue shield, left hand side … not sure what to do with it.

The Man-At-Arms hand cannon is a great call-back to the 200x version.  I’ve seen it before so it doesn’t blow me away like the Horde Prime or Draego-Man items, but it makes my modern Man-At-Arms look complete.  The update to the Keldor twin-swords is really good too.  It goes to show that if you bug Scott about something long enough they will eventually give in.

MOTUC Great Unrest Weapons Pak Review

This weapons pak is one of the stronger ones, but suffers from too much fluff and an increased price.  I would have been happy without most of the repaints and just the new weapons at a cheaper price.  Obviously I have my concerns about the practice of cutting accessories and then selling them later.  It has already started with 2013, but I do hope it is kept to a minimum.  Overall though, this is a great collection of accessories for MOTUC.

They must have made a lot of these as it is being offered as an “evergreen” item that will be available year-long.  Head on over the Mattycollector if you want to grab one.

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