NECA News: Portal’s Chell Joins the Party!

I may have said in the past that Portal’s Chell was not on my top list of figures I want NECA to do with their Valve license.  I take that back.  I’ve seen the future and it is glorious, I’m sorry NECA.  I’m sorry I ever doubted your power to pry money from my wallet.  Chell is officially joining the NECA Player Select Valve action figure family.  I’ll just go ahead and post the photo because this is what Thanksgiving is all about, giving thanks … thank you NECA!

NECA Portal 2 Chell

Now for the details: Chell is based off of the Portal 2 version of the character hence the jumpsuit top being tied around her waist.  The projected release date is February 2013.  Chell comes with a display base, twenty points of articulation, and a light up portal gun.  It is looking like she will be limited to about 15,000 units so get that preorder in!

Looking to catch up on the rest of the NECA Valve family?  Grab these guys while you still can:

And keep a look out as the following figures are coming soon:

  • Team Fortress 2 – Pyro (January 2013)
  • Team Fortress 2 – Demoman (January 2013)
  • DOTA 2 – Axe (TBD)

As you can see our Valve family continues to grow.  Uncle Gaben must be pleased!  Here, have a picture of a work-in-progress Pyro for your troubles:


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    1. Hey guys has anyone ever considered doing some Jack the Giant Slayer Action figures and toys yet? as i so want someone certain to do it and i know this question within my comment is out of the equation for this very topic and i’m sorry i just want a answer.

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