Granamyr is a Fragile Figure, Watch Out!

I got my Granamyr tonight and was really excited to get him open so I could see the final product.  I had heard some rumbling that the tails and arms would have issues staying in, and as you can expect with a nearly $100 figure this was concerning.  Of course I went into it completely optimistic because I was excited to have the big lug.

The first thing I did was put the tail on since that was the big complaint.  I saw what the issue was because the ring is a little bit warped in the socket so depending on how bad it is your tail will probably fall out.  Mine was only slightly warped so the tail plugged in snuggly and sits there well.  Bullet missed on that issue!

Figuring the tail was in good shape and I was home free I stuck the chest onto the belly and then started inserting the arms.  This was where the problems started.  I inserted the left arm into the shoulder socket and heard something break and fall into the chest cavity.  Upon further inspection the arm was fine so I didn’t pay it much mind.  Moving onto the right arm, however, didn’t yield as favorable results.  I pushed in the arm and something popped into the chest cavity.  The shoulder socket is held in by very tiny strips of plastic so when you try to force in the arm it will push through.

This is what a pushed in socket looks like.

The arm will not stay in once it is like this, and I am willing to bet other people who have problems with the arm staying in did the same thing.  In my frustration I did fix this however, so if you follow along this can be fixed and prevented for people who have not gotten their Granamyr yet.

This is what a pushed in socket looks like on the inside.

The best way to get the socket back in order is to apply pressure to each plastic frame and then push the socket back in.  Do it for each side and it should snap back into its setting.  It’s a fairly easy fix that we really shouldn’t have to do for a $80 figure, but it beats waiting a month or more for the replacement (if it even comes).

Make sure to put the arms in before you attach the upper chest to the rest of the body.

My suggestions on how to make sure your Granamyr’s arms snap in correctly:

  • Do the arms first so that you have access to the inside part of the shoulder socket.
  • Use your finger to hold the socket in place when you plug-in the arms.
  • Profit!

Fortunately I did not have an issue with the tail, so if I come upon a fix from someone I will be sure to pass it on.  Just want to make sure everyone is enjoying their new large dragon and happy holidays!


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