MOTUC Third Party: Karak Nul’s Head + Mini Comic!

Ever wonder what Scareglow looked like when he was alive?  Now you can!  The great Masters of the Universe Classics head-crafter Kevin Kosse has made an exclusive head of Karak Nul (Scareglow’s other name) that is being bundled with a minicomic and being sold through  If you have never seen Kevin’s work before I suggest you friend him on Facebook and check out his galleries of work, he’s done some amazing stuff and it is all on sale.


Go on and check out if you want in on this “exclusive.”  He even works well if you want to just make a Seanbaby custom as well … it’s a pretty cool head!  He runs about $27 if you are shipping to the states and a dollar less in Europe.  You can pay with PayPal.

Happy Monday yall!

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