Ask Matty – February 1, 2013

Welcome to February!  We remembered to submit our “Ask Matty” stuff earlier this month so you get to bask in the glow of Scott’s answers … I also believe he wears that creepy large Matty mascot mask while he types up these responses.  What did they ever do with that mascot after the whole announcement of this Mattycollector thing?  Did they realize he was horrifying and scary and kids would hate him?  I guess it doesn’t matter if kids hate him because this line is for MATURE ADULT COLLECTORS, like me!

Here are our monthly questions, because when you want to get to the bottom of things you have to go straight to the source … I’m blabbing, here are the questions, answers, and statements:

[box style=”note”]Q: Are there any plans to include a helmet for NA He-Man?  If not is that something that might go into the new weapons pak for 2013?

A: We’ll let you know an update on this figure at NYTF!

Q: You mentioned you got a sizable addition to the Castle Grayskull orders leaving it open for an additional month, could something like this be done with the sub for 2014?

A: No, the sub has to close in early Aug to lock in quotas for the full year.

Q: The Watchmen packaging had me thinking … ever consider doing a commemorative set with stuff like He-Man, Skeletor, etc in boxes the same style as the Watchmen stuff you are putting out, maybe casing them in Rudy Obrero art?  Might be a good way to get through some evergreen stuff and give collectors another way to display those figures.

A: It certainly would be cool but right now we are putting our limited resources into getting out as many new 6″ figures as possible vs. finding ways to repackage older ones.

Q: Is Strobo’s gun going to be in the new weapons pak?

A: No news to report at this time.

Q: How do we expect He-Man to fight ALL these Snake Men you have been putting out?  Is Snake Armor on the horizon?

A: He would be a great addition to the line, but no plans to announce right now.[/box]

Well there you have it, not much to report at this time!  I suppose not flat-out denying the helmet for NA He-Man is a good sign … I just hope I didn’t give them the idea prior to Toy Fair to actually bump it to the Weapons Pak for 2013.

Well I guess we won’t have one for the 15th of February because of the Toy Fair hubbub.  So we’ll see some more bad questions and vague answers come March 1st!

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