Toy Fair 2013: Bridge Direct The Hobbit

I’d mentioned in my 2012 wrap-up that the Bridge Direct’s Hobbit line was an amazing little thing that took me by surprise last year.  I was very excited to find out they would be showing off their new figures at Toy Fair this year, so I did not hesitate to attend their panel today.  The Bridge Direct showed off new toys for both the 3 3/4″ line as well as the 6″ line and then stayed and chatted with us, answering questions and taking comments and suggestions.

Toy Fair 2013 - Bridge Direct Hobbit Radagast

WARNING! I am going off memory so if something ends up wrong I apologize.

We were told that the new figures should be in stores around October/November 2013.  The new characters that we know of for the 6″ line will be Azog, Bolg, and Radagast.  Yazneg, who was previously only released in the UK will be joining Bilbo in a two-pack.  Azog will be packed with Thorin and Bolg will be packed with Gandalf.  These 6″ two-packs will be priced at $19.99 MSRP which is only five dollars more than the current single packs.  It is also worth noting that both Azog and Bolg are almost an inch taller than any other Hobbit figures to date.  Radagast with removable hat and staff will be single packed.  I asked if Azog, Yazneg, and Bolg would see a single pack release and Bridge said this is definitely a possibility if retailers want it.  We may also see new figures packed in “Desolation of Smaug” packaging when they do come out later this year.

Toy Fair 2013: Bridge Direct The Hobbit

As far as the 3 3/4″ line we will complete the company of Thorin Oakenshield by releasing two packs of Dori, Nori, Ori, Gloin, Oin, Bifur, Bofur, and Bombur.  If you have somehow bought NONE of these there will be a huge box set of the thirteen dwarves, Bilbo, and Gandalf for around $80.  Azog will come packed with his White Warg and good old Radagast will join the smaller scale as well.

We spoke with the owner of Bridge Direct and he seemed very keen on the idea of doing a Smaug for the 3 3/4″ line.  The line of thinking was that he would probably be a cheated scale but very large.  They considered the Fel Beast from the Toy Biz line a good starting point when considering size.  However, they have not gotten any source material yet from WETA so they would need that soon if there is any chance of a Smaug this year.  They are also very interested in feedback so if this sounds like something you want Bridge Direct wants to hear from you.  They also said it doesn’t hurt to email WETA so they can get some Smaug reference points!

Toy Fair 2013: Bridge Direct Hobbit

A SDCC exclusive as well as a DVD tie-in is planned.  The Bridge Direct also told us they are sold out of the six-inch figures so that is a good sign.  Check out the gallery below:

[nggallery id=138]

62 thoughts on “Toy Fair 2013: Bridge Direct The Hobbit”

  1. These new figures, especially the rest of the Dwarven company are nice and all, but I have absolutely no desire to buy the 3 3/4? figures. I really like their 6? figures, I bought them all. But I’m disappointed that I have to buy the pack sets just to get three of the four new 6” ones. Plus I was hoping for more 6” figures. I LOVE the ToyBiz LOTR figures, they made so many. I have a collection of them. I’m really hoping the Bridge Direct will do LOTR figures, maybe for 2014.

    1. I would hang in there, they seem to have some surprises under their hat they aren’t showing yet. I also made it a point to tell them that people want more 6″ dwarves really bad.

      They say they want to get to them, but take completing the party in 3 3/4″ scale as a good thing, since now at least one scale is complete they can hopefully start stabbing at the others.

    2. wickedlazers ur right about all the dwarves theyre the nicest and do u know what i contacted bridge direct via facebook and they said.. ”we are planning to do a lotr trilogy action figure line instead of filling in the space for wave 3 based on there and back again movie and are gonna do a sdcc comic-con exclusive for wave 2 maybe smaug or a stone troll 3-pack or king thror and thrain ii but stay tuned for more updates”so there u have it theyre gonna do loads more figures this year than they did wave 1 last year!!!

  2. hey jon u know they also said they might do some dwarves for the 6′ scale so stay tuned for updates but why are u so interested in 6′ than 3/34 i prefer 3/34 cos there’s more choice!!

      1. cool man jon but hey did u know i know who the comic-con 2013 exclusive figure is and i will tell u the possible exclusive figures if i am wrong but i reckon they might do a stone troll in 3/34 line,king thranduil,king thror,thrain ii,elrond,galadriel or saruman the white but hey jon its great that theyre doing all the wave 2 figures as i just thought it was one wave per movie but in the way of it all bridge direct made all my favourite dwarves like bifur,oin,gloin,nori,ori and dori so yeah but also great to see azog and white warg made as well as i need more orcs as ive got like 10 duplicates of grinnah the goblin for a goblin army and the goblin king and so far got 6 wargs and fimbul and bolg but where’s yazneg i mean he could be the possible exclusive 2013 comic-con figure and i also heard that they’ve got the source material’s and designs from WETA for smaug so i guess theyre just starting off on him!!!

  3. hey jon where r u? hey btw if u go on this website called action.figure insider its got some more news on a forum regarding when the new hobbit wave 2 figures come out and also about bridge direct talking about considering playsets for wave 2 to finish off the wave 2 line but comic-con is a few days away so im just excited that they will be releasing the exclusive 2013 comic-con figure for hobbit wave 2 but to be honest i reckon it will be yazneg or king thror or thrain ii or a stone troll as theyre the most wanted!!!!

  4. hey jon if u go on this website called action.figure insider its got some more news on a forum regarding when the new hobbit wave 2 figures come out and also about bridge direct talking about considering playsets for wave 2 to finish off the wave 2 line but comic-con is a few days away so im just excited that they will be releasing the exclusive 2013 comic-con figure for hobbit wave 2 but to be honest i reckon it will be yazneg or king thror or thrain ii or a stone troll as theyre the most wanted!!!!

    1. Awesome! I’ll definitely check it out, looks like you might have a better scoop on what’s coming this year. I hope it all comes true too because I’d love to get the mountain trolls!

  5. yeah u mean the stone troll’s yeah i probably have had a good scoop more than others this year as ive been in contact with both bridge direct and WETA lots of times and WETA said ” yes thx for the request and inquiry and rest assure we have already started giving out reference points, source material’s e.g. to bridge direct and probably they’ve already started working on the smaug action figure already and also thx so much for ur interest in our characters and peter Jackson’s imagination but yeah thx so much and stay tuned for more details regarding smaug action figure from bridge direct’s facebook page” but hey btw i think i might know who they’re gonna make for comic-con 2013 hobbit figure cos i heard some hints from bd via their facebook page by this fan asking for a stone troll 3-pack in comic-con but they said ” ****** we cant give out too much details as its a surprise but rest assure its gonna be a figure that u gonna want the most!!” but hopefully its yazneg in 3/34 or a stone troll or king thror or thrain ii!

  6. jon i see that ur the editor of most of this news on i must apologize as i didnt realise that the very intelligent and knowledgeable guy was u but anyway on forums i found out that the bridge direct have got a stone troll in the works for wave 2 so u dont know maybe he’s the exclusive sdcc 2013 figure which would be so cool!!

  7. jon u are checking up on the hobbit wave 2 news regularly arent you cos im sorry if i havent contacted u for a while but its just do u know when sdcc comic-con 2013 is cos im anxiously awaiting the new comic-con exclusive hobbit figure im hoping along with laurence its yazneg or a stone troll or king thror or thrain ii!!!

  8. jon i would like to file a complaint against u as editor this is just a slight criticism for u being the editor to take on board what i say and one of the things that come’s to my mind is that for one thing u only reply two times to numerous messages and comments and the fact is im trying to help u deliver news to other people all over and the other thing u dont have much enthusiasm and interest to reply more to ur fan’s message’s and what i tell u is to make a new forum about the hobbit wave 1, 2,3 and 4 action figures with a good introduction telling fans about (when u get ur proper facts about the hobbit wave 1,2,3 and 4 action figures as to when wave 2 is coming out in release dates, comic-con sdcc international event dates e.g.)what ur providing on ur website and maybe to go in interest with what fan’s want is a knowledgeable person who gets his fact’s right and put them in portions in ur mind ready for when fan’s ask u about character’s name’s, creatures,dragons e.g. but im sorry i had to break it to u but hopefully if u dont do that then bugger off out of here as my friend’s at school say that u dont reply much to of thing’s uve posted i mean seriously!!

    1. I appreciate your excitement over the Hobbit line Laurence, and I do keep your info in mind but I also don’t want to officially report on rumors unless info comes from BD. Things can change, dates, lineups, etc. and I don’t want people upset if things don’t happen as well. As I’m sure you are aware nothing is written in stone with this industry.

      BD unfortunately has to keep things under wraps because its a big movie license, so sometimes we have to hold off on info until they let us know we can officially announce it. Bear with us though, and I and I’m sure BD really appreciate how much into the line you are!

      Plus I been busy the past few weeks, cut me a little break 🙂

      1. sorry i didnt understand i obviously probably got abit too excited and i perceived u to be ignoring me but yeah fair enough im sorry i didnt mean to have a go at u!! but hey do u know anything about who they might be doing for sdcc 2013 comic-con exclusive hobbit figure as im hoping its yazneg or a stone troll or king thror and thrain ii 2-pack but hey any news on them doing smaug jon thx dude!!

        1. No problems! I have no clue, I do hope it is better than Yazneg since we will be getting him later in the year anyway. I would love a stone troll, but again … I just don’t know. I’ll be on top of it though whenever the news drops. Hope to hear soon.

  9. hey jon thats great man cool dude so how did u know they’re gonna do yazneg in 3/34 and when he does what wave will he be in!? but hey i would love about 3 stone troll’s as i need them all but i think they are coming out in fact i know for sure as bridge direct did hint at the stone troll’s being made as i heard via facebook but yeah any news on smaug action figure cos i know hes coming out for definite!??

  10. hey jon u do know yazneg is not the one with the white warg as i hope ur not getting mixed up as yazneg is the one who failed to capture thorin and company to such extent he went back with fimbul and the remaining orcs and was eaten by azog the defiler’s warg’s so yeah plz dont get mixed up as i hope ur being serious as i really want yazneg so dont burst my bubble!!!

  11. jon u know what ur still causing this problem about responding to me and yet u do nothing about it i mean ive asked u numerous times about when will yazneg be out!!??

  12. im waiting jon tick tock i mean by the time u answer me i will be a dead chinaman and the hobbit wave 2 action figures will be out by then so hurry up and answer this once!!!! tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock!!

    1. I think you are correct, I must have been thinking 6″ scale. No Yazneg planned yet for 3 3/4″ as far as I know. BD sent over some new images of Radagast and Yazneg 6″, I’ll have to post them when I get less busy.

  13. do u know what jon u had me going excited do u know what thats harsh (only kidding) i would think yazneg is gonna be the comic-con 2013 figure or a stone troll or king thror or thrain ii or king thranduil but hey jon do u know what the news is about this dvd movie toy tie-in hobbit figure and when is it coming out??? thx jon

  14. ok sorry if im getting abit impatient jon but whats the news about the sdcc dvd movie toy tie-in figure cos it sounds cool but im sorry if i swore at u as well so sorry i get excited u see!!!

  15. jon could i just ask have u seen the new smaug prototype figure from any websites cos i would love to see him but i just cant find the right site with him on cos someone told me via wave 2 announcement topic that he seen a brief glimpse of him and saw many of the hobbit comic-con wave 2 figures via some sort of a sneak-peek and i just thought since ur sort of like a agent working for bridge direct and providing news to fans i just wanted to know have u seen the new smaug prototype figure from any website plz??

  16. oh ok fair enough but u see on there was this guy who sort of works for bridge direct in a way like u that provide’s news to the fans but thx anyway i will check with him and see which site it is on and tell cos its the prototype one and apparently it looks very good!!! which i can believe!!!! thx anyway for checking!!

  17. hey jon i hope I’ve not put u off talking to me i hope but im sorry if i ever annoyed u and invaded into ur time but i hope u forgive me im sorry if i ever wound u up but anyway plz plz keep in touch with me i would love to hear from u and whats the news like i asked before about the dvd movie toy tie-in figure they’re gonna release at comic-con 2013 sdcc??

  18. Don’t worry, I love it. As soon as I hear anything I will be sure to update. I’m currently in the dark myself 🙁

    Hopefully something soon since the DVD will be out in a few weeks.

  19. ok thx jon for responding thats great but when they mean tie-in does that mean something like some movie merchandise or does it just mean it tie’s in with the dvd release as a action figure bonus i mean who do u reckon the dvd movie tie-in figure will be i reckon it will be some character off a either prologue or epilogue scene like a moria dwarven warrior or moria orc warrior who do u reckon??!

  20. hey jon is there any word on them doing a stone troll or yazneg in 3/34 cos i just heard today from someone that they might is this really really true that would be awesome!!?

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  22. cool thx hey btw its confirmed now smaug will be released in the wave 2 series in summer and as for the tie-in dvd movie extra-bonus there will also be a lego bilbo mini-figure and for comic-con 2013 some proper predictions from bridge direct company workers (not in the know or aware themselves of who the company advisor is gonna release) bridge direct: ” i dont know honestly myself but my predictions are that either a stone troll or yazneg are our company’s top favorites so yeah stay tuned for more details regarding these hobbit wave 2 figures” so thats cool thx man hey get some more info plz on the comic-con 2013 sdcc previews regarding the hobbit wave 2 playsets as well they also said that might be a possibility so thx mate!

  23. cool thx anyway for trying thats of great help u know but anyway i just got a reply from them just now saying ” thanks laurence for all your support we have something absolutely great in store for the comic-con 2013 figure so stay tuned for more info” i presume they gonna do someone different this time like yazneg or a stone troll or king thror or someone else but im looking forward to it thats for sure!!

  24. oh ok thx anyway jon You’ve been great to ask questions to and get answer’s back but for now i think i might take sometime off and go to where they have loads of news about smaug and wave 2 in general but thx for all ur time jon!

  25. hey jon any more news on the hobbit wave 2 action figures yet i mean about the specific dates they will release and the comic-con 2013 hobbit exclusive figure? thx jon hope to hear soon

  26. hey john any more info yet from ur side cos there’s no news apart from the comic-con 2013 event which is held on july (i think 28th or 26th or july not sure) but anyway i also know who the comic-con 2013 exclusive hobbit figure is u wanna know or do u want to see my picture glimpse of it?

  27. ur not trying to ignore me r u jon cos im not going on any other site’s for news anymore im just looking for more info on the hobbit 2013 wave 2 figures do u have any new info on wave 2 for hobbit? thx jon

  28. ok thx jon but u should get something from them about smaug cos he’s been confirmed so u have probably heard that bit of info i mean news and info haven’t been slow at all this few months but a good thing to do is go on and ask the main man called Bilbo if there’s any news cos he works for and with bridge direct and he provides secret news and info to all the fan’s including me and he doesn’t seem to be lying as everything he said is all happening at once so check that out and ask him and the bridge direct more questions on smaug as he should be very popular at the moment you’ll find! so thx jon and hope to hear soon

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  30. Anyone know whatever came of these? I have only seen a handful of Dwarves and nothing for Oin, Gloin, Ori, Dori or Nori. And so obviously no giant boxed set either, which I would love to have. Did they end up scrapping the idea? I will be very disappointed to have only several of the Dwarves while leaving these five out of the line completely.

    1. They did unfortunately. They say they are still trying to get them out, but retail doesn’t want any after poor sales of the first movie.

      They showed Beorn and Bard in 3 3/4″ scale at Toy Fair this year, and said they are exploring non retail options. Don’t get your hopes up too much though.

      1. Thanks for the response. That is disappointing. Especially after such a great line of toys from Toybiz for the LOTR films. I sometimes wonder if the different scale made some people hesitate but know the reason most likely for lackluster sales was a much lessened excitement factor for the Hobbit movies. Sure, they’ve done a lot of box office but people aren’t excited about them the way they were before. Well, I’ll keep my eyes and ears open and hope against hope to see the rest of the Dwarves. Beorn is a character I love in the book but was not happy at all with his look in the movie so I won’t be as disappointed but I’d still like as many characters as possible. Thanks again for the update to a very old thread.

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