Toy Fair 2013: MOTUC Batros, Shokoti, Icer, Castaspella, Mantenna Revealed!

Well shortly after the Mantenna picture surfaced, the directory that Mattel kept all their Toy Fair 2013 Masters of the Universe Classics figure pictures was discovered.  We have officially unearthed Batros, Shokoti, Icer, Castaspella, and Mantenna.  In addition to these reveals there are pictures of the sculpted Castle Grayskull, and a new shot of New Adventures He-Man with his helmet.

Pictures are all there, no other details have emerged yet but it is possible some of these could be part of a filmation subscription while others such as Castaspella are more likely part of Club Eternia for 2013.  I’m sure they will be providing us with more info come the show as I imagine they did not want these out yet.  But enjoy!  Exciting new releases for MOTUC!

Regular Figures:

  • Batros (Possible Filmation Sub)
  • Shokoti (Possible Filmation Sub)
  • Icer (Possible Filmation Sub)
  • Castaspella
  • Mantenna
  • NA He-Man

Castle Grayskull will be released in December 2013, preorders were previously up late 2012.  There will, however be some product available in December.

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5 thoughts on “Toy Fair 2013: MOTUC Batros, Shokoti, Icer, Castaspella, Mantenna Revealed!”

    1. I’m satisfied with it, Mantenna looks amazing! The character selection is pretty out there but I like it!

      I’m more concerned about how they are going to handle the Filmation guys, they probably will be outside the sub, but I better be able to combine them with my shipping because I’m gonna be pissed paying an extra 15 every month because Matty can’t combine shipping like every other company in the world.

      1. I’m sure there are many people who are pumped about these reveals, but as only a passing fan of the horde I’m not to excited..all the figures look cool though and I’m sure once they are in hand I will love most of them. A filmation sub could be an awesomeway to get some of those guys out, but if we gotta wait until next year thats a bum out

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