Toy Fair 2013: NECA Round Up

I’m going to use this post as the catch-all for NECA news, before, during, and after the show. I figured I would post this since some news has come out, as well as pictures from the NECA Twitter feed.

Back from the show, so here is what I got for NECA:

Predator Series 9 – May 2013

  • Dutch (Vest with no undershirt)
  • Dutch (Covered in mud)
  • Jungle Hunter (Water Damaged)


Predator Series 10 – The Kenner Throwback Wave (Obviously these names are all subject to change!)

  • Lave Planet Predator
  • Nightstorm Predator
  • Hive Wars Warrior Predator


Portal 2 –

  • Chell – Shipping Now
  • P-Body – Summer 2013
  • Atlas – Summer 2013

Toy Fair 2013 - NECA Portal 2 Chell, P-Body, and Atlas

Toy Fair 2013 - NECA Portal 2 Chell Carded

Team Fortress 2: Series 2- Summer 2013

  • Heavy (Sorry for lack of Heavy picture, he was being repaired and had to be taken down)
  • Soldier

Toy Fair 2013: NECA TF2 Soldier

Prometheus Series 3 – Release Date TBD (uh oh!)

  • Shaw
  • Fifield

Toy Fair 2013 - Prometheus Shaw

Toy Fair 2013 - Prometheus Series 3 Shaw

Toy Fair 2013 - NECA Prometheus S3 Fifield

 Rambo 7″ Figure – May 2013

Robocop ED-209 – Summer (Estimated to be about $50)

Toy Fair 2013 - Rambo and Robocop ED-209

Feel free to check out the gallery of the rest of the booth!

[nggallery id=140]


02.10.2013 10:20 AM – Bare with me here, I had to take the train home and had trouble updating.  Will fix up tonight with all pictures from the both including the new 18″ Michael Keaton Batman, 18″ Adam West Batman, The Lone Ranger 7″ and 3 3/4 ” lines, Prometheus Series 3, and much much more!  Stay tuned!

02.09.2013 3:40 PM – Prometheus Update!

Here is a picture of either Vickers or Shaw in that completely mind-bogglingly shaped axe from the movie! Future-axe! Prometheus series three … hoping that is Fifield next to her and how Halloway, Halloway still stinks. (Not the figure, just the guy in the movie)


More fun banners! Take a look at the pictures of some of NECA’s new licenses, I see Kick Ass 2 which really excites me! The new Alien is a baller. Baird from Gears of War Judgement appears to have morphed into Neil Patrick Harris as well … odd.


02.09.2013 6:30 AM – Team Fortress 2 Update

Per @NECA_TOYS twitter the second TF2 series will be the Heavy and Soldier and will be out this summer! Source.

02.08.2013 7:10 PM – PACIFIC RIM PICTURES!

UPDATE – 18″ Gipsey Danger will be shown at the show.

The first shots of NECA’s Pacific Rim Jaegers have surfaced! Check out the Crimson Typhoon and Gipsey Danger:

02.08.2013 6:50 PM – First we have some news on Gremlins:

Unfortunately Gremlins Series 3 will not be seen at Toy Fair 2013, according to Randy the line is still in limbo. More than likely we will see a new Mogwai series before another run at the Gremlins. Source.

Also here are some pictures of the booth and banners, no real surprises here as far as licenses:

Toy Fair 2013 - NECA Booth Banner

Toy Fair 2013 - NECA Booth Banner

Stay tuned for more info …

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