Toy Fair 2013: NECA WizKids DOTA 2 & Team Fortress 2 Collectible Games

I had mentioned a while back that it would be cool for NECA to take on the DOTA 2 roster in some shape or form.  Looks like my answer has come because NECA and Wizkids have announced DOTA 2 Heroclix collection that will launch this Summer!  In addition to the DOTA 2 Heroclix there will also be a new game called NextChess which will feature the cast and characters of Valve’s Team Fortress 2.

I had suggested a blind-boxed DOTA 2 mini-figure line back when NECA had announced the Valve master license.  I never considered the Heroclix angle and I think it is a very smart plan.  This is a great way to get the expansive cast of the popular game out in physical form.  It also leaves the possibility of an oversized Roshan SDCC exclusive (lets hope this is being developed!).  I love the 7″ scale Axe they have coming but I have no delusions that they are going to get all 100 characters out in that scale … even the most ambitious of lines probably would never achieve this.


The Team Fortress 2 NextChess will be incorporating the hat-based gameplay of the video game.  It will be a whacked out version of chess which I am interested to see.  More details and information will be available at Toy Fair 2013 and we will be sure to report back along with pictures of any product present.

Check out the official release from NECA and WizKids:


Announce Dota 2 HeroClix and Team Fortress 2 ‘NextChess’ Preview at New York Toy Fair, 2013

Hillside, NJ—February 6, 2013—From game world to real world, game creator and leading entertainment conglomerate, NECA/WizKids, under a merchandise licensee agreement with game developer and publisher Valve, today unveiled plans to launch an upcoming Dota 2 HeroClix collection and new game platform entitled ‘NextChess’, featuring Team Fortress 2 (TF2), both based on the best-selling game franchises. Both titles are set to launch this summer.

The announcement follows NECA/WizKids’ publication of the much-anticipated Half Life 2 Zero-Point Energy Field Manipulator (a.k.a. “Gravity Gun”) replica and release of the Limited Edition Portal 2 Gun Replica, which launched with overwhelming response last fall.

“We’re pleased to once again team up with Valve to bring popular characters and elements from the Dota 2 and Team Fortress 2 franchises to life in physical form, ” said Justin Ziran, president at NECA/WizKids.

NextChess is an all-new chess-variant platform designed by NECA/WizKids. The platform’s initial launch will feature Team Fortress 2 sculpted chess piece components designed by the artists at Valve. Challengers will go head-to-head with pieces representing their favorite TF2 class and can customize their gameplay experience by mixing and matching various classes as any chess piece.

Unlike traditional chess, NextChess has a TF2-related twist—swappable hat piece toppers. An ode to TF2, each piece will begin the game with a special hat topper and as the action heats up, hats come off. Players can claim various hats from other pieces and assume the movement characteristics of pieces captured, adding an element of variation and challenge to the standard game of chess.

NECA/WizKids also announced Dota 2 as the latest addition of licensed brands to the popular collectibles miniatures game, HeroClix. The Dota 2 collection will encompass two 5-figure Starter Sets, with a 24-figure Gravity Feed to follow.

A sneak peek of Team Fortress 2 NextChess and the Dota 2 HeroClix collection will be offered to New York Toy Fair attendees, February 10-13. To discuss business opportunities or schedule an appointment to meet in person, please contact

For more information on NECA/WizKids, HeroClix and NextChess, visit:[/box]

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