IMINIME Walking Dead Rick, Daryl, and Zombie 12″ Figures

I’m actually very surprised the merchandising empire that is AMC’s The Walking Dead hasn’t already branched out to the high-end 1/6th scale market.  Hot Toys seems to have their hands full with Marvel, DC, and every other license ever.  While Enterbay is Enterbay and their “one figure a year” policy is being strictly followed.  Sideshow even had a line of zombie figures a few years back, but they don’t seem to have or want the license.

If none of the big cats in the 12″ figure scene have the license this can only mean two things.  Either the license is way too expensive for anyone to take it on, or McFarlane actually has a master license and no one else can do anything in any scale.

rick01When you can’t get Rick Grimes, the next best thing is “Town Sheriff.”  And when you can’t get Daryl Dixon, grab yourself a “Crossbow Hunter” to scratch that itch.  Go on and check out a little custom shop online called IMINIME and marvel over the quality of their work.  This looks like the place to go if you want to put down a sizable amount of money for some 1/6th scale figures you probably will never officially see made.

Just a word of warningI have never used IMINIME and probably will not, so I can not report on their reputation or business practices.  They appear to have a good reputation over at Sideshowcollectors Forums, so if you want to look into them more, that place may be a good resource.  But they are asking for very large sums of money for these figures, so just exercise caution before throwing down cash.

So let’s take a look at where we are with the Walking Dead custom Rick/Daryl/Zombie project:

Rick Grimes aka “Town Sheriff” will cost $390 and will come with the following:

  • Painted head with ACI Toys muscle body
  • High quality handmade vintage styled shirt and jeans
  • Belt with walkie-talkie, pouches, folded knife, and holster
  • Long rifle
  • Cold Python
  • Gungle knife
  • Shoes
  • Figure stand

You also have the option to add the non-squinting head to your order for an additional $120.  The direct store link for the full set is here, he is expected to be ready to ship around June 2013.  Of course you can also part out an order if you are just looking for a head or clothes, check out their site and see your options.

daryl01Daryl Dixon aka “Crossbow Hunter” will cost $390 and will come with the following:

  • Painted head with ACI Toys muscle body
  • High quality handmade vintage styled shirt, jeans, and vest (with wings)
  • Poncho
  • Shoes
  • Crossbow with arrows
  • Arrow tube
  • Knife
  • Figure stand

The direct store links for the full set is here.  Like Rick, he is also expected to ship around June 2013.  You also have options with Daryl if you just want a head or clothes they are available to order as well.

As far as the zombie is concerned they only have a head available, you would need to do the work as far as a body and clothing.  The zombie head is painted and is planned to ship around April 2013.  If you want to order one go ahead and click here.

Check out the layout for each character here –



These are expensive, but I know a few people have asked me for information regarding this release.  Hope this helps, and maybe now that such a nice custom set will he out there the 1/6th market will respond with an official Walking Dead release.

9 thoughts on “IMINIME Walking Dead Rick, Daryl, and Zombie 12″ Figures”

      1. I was pretty sure ti was…at that price they would have sold like a billion of them already ha ha ..heck I dont even like the Walking Dead and I would have bought one! I do love me some Norman Reedus

        1. OK well cool you do that then and get him i agree i hate the Walking Dead myself as it’s a horror and i myself do not like the horror genre but do you?

          1. I like Horror, but I’m not insane about it or anything.
            I don’t like the Walking dead because A) I read the first 4 or 5 trades of the comic and didnt really like it very much. and B) I like my zombie stuff to be more about Zombies than people.
            I CAN see why people like it but its not my bag baby

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  2. Where and how can I but both? Aeolus you be able to do more characters for the show and start making comic versions of them?

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