ThreeA: A Closer Look at Atlas and P-Body

Everybody loves Atlas and P-Body, the adorable robots from the cooperative campaign in Portal 2.  Through their testing efforts they eventually uncover a hidden stash of humans which makes GLaDOS gleefully happy.  If you are looking for action figures of Atlas and P-Body from Portal 2 then NECA will have a set out later this year.  If you are looking for something a little more high end then you may want to keep up with threeA and their 1/6th scale figures of the robot duo.

ThreeA’s P-Body and Atlas were shown at a Taiwan show they were hosting along with all their various sub lines.  Both of the robots look fantastic even though they have a slight Ashley Wood signature wear to their bodies.  Enjoy the updated photos taken yesterday courtesy of threeA’s blog.  I do fear getting more details because I’m sure they will be both expensive and hard to get, yet I feel they are something I must have.  Regardless we’ll keep you updated with any new info.

threeA Atlas and P-Body Portal 2

threeA Atlas and P-Body Portal 2

threeA Atlas and P-Body Portal 2

5 thoughts on “ThreeA: A Closer Look at Atlas and P-Body”

  1. Flutterlicious

    They look great, Not going for them because of the high prices ThreeA has on these kind of things…

    1. Yeah, they look gorgeous but I’m sure I would have to donate organs to be able to afford them.

      They do make some damn cool video game machines and robots though.

      1. Flutterlicious

        Yeah, they do one hell of a job of making cool robots and Video Game machines, if these prices are are going to be sky high, imagine if they do a GLaDoS!

        1. No kidding I would probably get a GLADoS regardless of the cost. I’d imagine it would be 1/12 scale and that would go real well with the NECA bots and Chell.

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