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Our yearly Masters of the Universe Classics – New Adventures figure has arrived!  Only this year we actually have two NA figures in the pipeline: Karatti and New Adventures He-Man.  Karatti is the third figure to fall under the “Space Mutants” faction, and much like the others he is an odd but interesting choice.

Mattel Masters of the Universe Classics Karatti New Adventures Review

Masters of the Universe Classics – Karatti
Release Date: 05/15/2013 (Monthly Subscription)
Price: $25.00 ($27.00 non sub)
Faction: Space Mutants
Real Name: Stickel-Vat

I’m considering dropping the “Real Name” field on the reviews because I feel like I am being trolled if I include them.  Month after month these real names just continue to get worse.  Some of them, like Karatti’s, sound like Mattel just used the World of Warcraft random name generator.  Then there are figures like the Fighting Foe Men with names like Dawg-O-Tor which are just embarrassing to even type.

Mattel Masters of the Universe Classics Karatti New Adventures Review

So Karatti was a figure I wasn’t really looking forward to.  In fact this entire month really didn’t interest me a whole lot, but $150 worth of Fighting Foe Men (two subscriptions) can do that to a person.  I opened the Fighting Foe Men first when my package arrived, but the curiosity of Karatti got the best of me and I quickly busted him out.  I’m much more impressed with him in person than I ever was with the prototypes or press pictures.  There are quite a few factors that draw me to the figure: the head, bulky armor, and his space-machete.

Mattel Masters of the Universe Classics Karatti New Adventures Review

Despite liking his looks he does have some oddities about him.  For instance his waist-piece exposes his abs that appear to go into his crotch.  I imagine this can be written off as a “Space Mutant” thing, but with me being a human seeing something like that looks odd.  I’m not sure if it is just a coincidence but he also looks similar to a member of the Insane Clown Posse.  I’m referring to the larger sized guy, and no I am not going to research ICP because I think that may put me on some kind of government list.

Mattel Masters of the Universe Classics Karatti New Adventures Review

While I LOVE his space machete, I can’t say the same about his space-axe-gun-thing.  The gun is a good example of over thinking the future.  Because clearly in the future we will have guns built into axes in case we need to kill deer while chopping down a tree.  The gun doesn’t even look that great while he’s holding it either, so it will end up in my large Masters of the Universe Classics accessory bin.  The machete, on the other hand, is fantastic.  Just take off his armor and have him go shirtless wielding that large knife.  It’s odd with both Karatti and Dekker I prefer them shirtless, where their respective armors are the big thing that differentiate them from every other MOTUC buck.

Mattel Masters of the Universe Classics Karatti New Adventures Review

Speaking of MOTUC bucks, we have yet another reuse of the Trap Jaw appendages.  Maybe I’m not being fair because there are a hell of a lot more figures using the He-Man legs than Trap Jaw, but those legs seem to be the go to for anything mechanical.  Two out of the three Space Mutants use them.  If you’ve seen the preview of the SDCC Exclusive Stonedar and Rokkon both of them use it as well.  It would be nice to get a new set of legs for these occasions.

Mattel Masters of the Universe Classics Karatti New Adventures Review

Enough about what bugs me about him because there is a lot of pretty cool stuff as well.  The biggest thrill I got out of this guy is all the neat damage his armor has from head to waist.  You can see claw marks or scrapes on his jaw, gun shots in his torso armor, and there is even a chink in his waist part as well.  The Horsemen put a lot of nice little details into him driving home the point that Karatti likes to brawl.  The detail in his dreadlocks is fantastic as well, every little lock is sculpted into the hair.

Mattel Masters of the Universe Classics Karatti New Adventures Review

I’ve mentioned before that I think the machete is a great weapon for him.  It’s minimalist which I think fits the personality they are trying to give the character.  The translation from the New Adventures toy is really great.  New Adventures is a mess of early 90’s “this is space” design.  Where the future is portrayed as the 90’s but just multiplied by about one hundred.  The Horsemen have done well translating those borderline hokey designs into the classics aesthetic and Karatti’s transition went really well.

Mattel Masters of the Universe Classics Karatti New Adventures Review

This month was probably a rough one for most subscribers.  Having to get a New Adventures figure along with a three pack of concept figures can be understandably disappointing, especially for the $100+ you are paying with just one subscription.  I think Karatti is a bit of silver lining to the whole situation.  Once you get him out he has a really cool look about him.  If the armor isn’t doing anything for you just take it off and give the man his machete.  If you haven’t grabbed Karatti yet go check over at Amazon because Karatti probably won’t last long on Mattel’s website.

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  1. flutterlicious

    Nice review Jon, long but certainly a good read. I don’t think they just get names from the World of Warcraft name generators, those generators do a much better job at making a good name, Ol’ Matty is just beatin’ the horse on the “real” names for these MOTUC figures

    1. Flutterlicious

      My bad for the lowercase “f”, My new computer is all derpy and won’t save my username so I have to manually type it.

    2. You are probably right, the WOW generator is probably better than the intern or whatever they have at Mattel making these names up. I’ll probably skip typing up the FFM real names, they truly are awful.

      1. Yeah i know what you mean Jon but you guys are very picky on what toys you sell especially your own home-made toys and stuff you come up with, i mean it’s not a bad things but you guys are very critical of what you think of toys in general and you just seem to be the typical collectors that love certain things which is not bad at all, but i think you guys are great and no harm done in what i’ve said i hope! Thanks again

  2. Oh okay yeah i was just wanting to know that, that wasn’t a impostor trying to impersonate you.But don’t worry it’s just you mate and btw nice review Jon!

  3. Finally someone says something about the names of the FFM…I don’t care that they are references to the 4H crew they just sound dumb.

    Great review

    1. Oh is that what they were supposed to be? I’m going to have a really hard time doing their review because I can’t refer to something as Dawf-O-Tor, or whatever it is.

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