NECA SDCC Exclusive Albino Predator Review

San Diego Comic Convention is a great time of year to blow a lot of money you probably don’t have picking up exclusive action figures.  NECA is no stranger to the convention exclusive.  They usually put out a handful of creative exclusives from the various lines they are doing at the time.  The past few years we have seen a Predator offering because it seems to be a line NECA enjoys doing, and I’ll assume it also sells pretty well.  This year they took SDCC as an opportunity to expand on their Predator team from the fan film “Dead End” by releasing the Albino Predator.

SDCC 2013 Exclusive Albino Predator Dead End NECA Review

If you don’t know what “Dead End” is I suggest you check out my review of the previous figure from the film, Big Red.  The film had a trio of Predators starting with the aforementioned Big Red, Albino, and Wasp.  Now that SDCC is over we have also found out that the Wasp is planned for Predator series 11 which will be out later this year.  When NECA puts their focus in to completing a team (especially one where you don’t have to hunt down actor likeness rights) they know how to get it done.  Last year they completed the entire Lost Tribe from the end of Predator 2, and this year they have their sights set on this fan film.

SDCC 2013 Exclusive Albino Predator Dead End NECA Review

The Albino uses the same body and armor as Big Red, who is basically the Jungle Hunter with a slightly modified chest armor piece.  Albino is a more stripped down version of Big Red because he does not have any of the extra parts like the belt and skull bandoliers.   His head is unmasked and the mouth is fully open.

SDCC 2013 Exclusive Albino Predator Dead End NECA Review

The Predator line has thrived on using two basic body types, and Albino is a great example of how they make it work so well.  For example if you put Albino, Big Red, and Jungle Hunter in a lineup, at first glance it is very hard to tell that they all share the same body.  The armor and their skin are all painted and accessorized uniquely and vibrantly.  Mixing up the various masked and unmasked heads can make a large collection of basically two body styles look varied and deep.

SDCC 2013 Exclusive Albino Predator Dead End NECA Review

The Predator collection has always had amazing paint applications, but I think Albino takes it to another level.  The white and orange really stick out and there are quite a few deliberate and clean black splotches across his body and head.  I would have never thought white dreadlocks would look cool, but color me impressed with how they turned out.

SDCC 2013 Exclusive Albino Predator Dead End NECA Review

The Albino is a great figure and a key member of the Dead End team, but I think some people might be put off by the price.  He will cost you about $25 and if you are reading this now SDCC is clearly over, so add shipping and any other mark up on top of that.  It’s a little high for what you are getting, especially since he isn’t packed with any accessories.  I personally wasn’t shocked at the price because I’ve been buying exclusives for many years and it is just expected that you are going to pay a little more for a convention piece.  This may turn some people off to him, but I also expect his target audience is pretty hardcore Predator fans.

SDCC 2013 Exclusive Albino Predator Dead End NECA Review

So where can you get the Albino Predator now?  The secondary market is really your only choice a NECA did some flash sales online during the con, but those have stopped now.

SDCC 2013 Exclusive Albino Predator Dead End NECA Review

Is the Albino Predator a figure I would recommend?  Yes and for a few reasons.  First he will get you one step closer to finishing a team.  If there is one thing I know action figure collectors like to do it is finish a team.  By the end of the year when the Wasp comes out you can officially call the Dead End team complete.  At that point I’m not sure what NECA is going to have to complete since apparently the human team has been a pain in the ass to obtain the likeness rights.  The other reason you would want Albino is because he stands out.  He’s a really bright and scary looking Predator, and if you want something unique for your desk or shelf I think he fits the bill.

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  1. I have to say that i’m beginning to develop an interest in particular sci-fi films, i went to see The Wolverine in cinemas yesterday and must say that it was good but i’m probably into other better films such as sci-fi and fantasy genres. I know this has no relevance to this topic review but you see i have seen Predator if i remember distinctly when i was younger like 12 or 13 but i actually looking back vaguely at it, liked it and found it very intriguing and suspenseful. It certainly had me on the end of my seat (excuse for the film pun) and i’m sure that if the characters looked good realistically, then they will look good in toy and action figure form but i can never imagine me collecting Assassins creed, Gears of War, Halo, Dead Space, Far-cry etc. toys in general as like i said originally i’m more into Hobbit and 12A film toys and action figures in general basically. But can anyone tell me and answer my initial question ” Are these Predator and Aliens toys good quality, large scale, cheap and mainly would they be good toys to add to a collection like mine?” This is my initial question you see as i’m curious and gasping to know if these toys are worth my kind of pocket money. Thanks

  2. Flutterlicious

    Nothing like a great SDCC Exclusive to shatter your hopes and dreams of completing the Dead End Gang! I bought the Big Red not too long ago, even found a Garry’s Mod model of it, can’t wait for the Wasp and his Pike! Excellent Review Jon 🙂

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