Rampageo Industries Slimes Heroic Prince Algor Review

[Editor’s note: Heroic Prince Algor was provided by one Dr. Rampageo MD, at Doomkick.com]

Some would say the master of magnetism is Magneto, but that would be false.  The true master comes from a fantastic world called Jalldoon and his name is Prince Algor.  Not only is he the Prince, but he does a little Mario-type thing where he eats a magic mushroom and grows an entire body becoming Heroic Prince Algor!  The Heroic Prince is the biggest and most ambitious member of the Rampageo Industries Slimes action figure line.


I’ve mentioned before that there seem to be a solid amount of people out there that like the 5.5″ Remco Wrestler or Vintage Masters of the Universe body type and want to build on that world.  There are the Warlords of Wor and the Realm of the Underworld as the current lines out there in addition to Rampageo’s Exciting World of Jalldoon.  Prince Algor takes a similar approach to his articulation scheme as the Warlords of Wor figures in using magnets to connect the joints.  This has a couple of advantages in that if you collect other lines (or when future figures come out) you can mix and match parts very easily.  I’d also like to point out that these magnets are strong as hell and if you lay them out on a table they will start to pull together like a T-1000 … I’m not kidding, it did this to me and it was a bit creepy!

Being a Slime, Prince Algor is all clear in a delightful “lemon drop” color and flavor.  The first wave of preorders all have a candy color theme: lemon drop yellow, candy apple green, and twin cherry red.  I should apologize to Dr. Rampageo as I really meant to get a review out before preorders ended.  Instead you can all just marvel over what you missed, and when he goes back into the shop to make his next heroic figure you can know what you are getting in to.

Heroic Prince Algor makes a great front man for the slime army.  I have so many colors and variations of the different slimes that it is very nice that I can have an “Axl Rose” for my crew, standing tall over his minions.  He has one open hand that he can wave or hold something little like a skull.  His other hand is closed and can be equipped with a weapon.  My preference is a staff from your Masters of the Universe Classics collection, they work very well and he holds them snugly.


Do you want to get your hands on Heroic Prince Algor?  Perhaps maybe another selection of the Rampageo Industries Slimes?  Well keep your eyes on Doomkick because they will put up in stock as they get them.  They are currently hard at work on the second series of slimes, possibly a new heroic, and some other cool surprises!  Things are popping over there so feel free to give them a look, and you can tell them “Jon sent you” if you prefer.



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  1. So come on down to the DoomKick store on the corner of Jalldoon for your Heroic Prince Algor figure! Act now and use the Promo code “Preternia” for 5% off discount on your first purchase of Heroic Prince Algor (because they’re so incredible you’ll want more then 1) Excellent review Jon 🙂 and excellent action figure Dr. Rampageo!

    1. Nope, I’m not even sure how I could do that either. Maybe the server was being bad, it does that sometimes in the early morning. 🙁

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