NYCC 2013: Mattel Masters of the Universe Classics

As seems to be the annual tradition Mattel set up a large booth at New York Comic Convention to show off some of their upcoming action figures, collectibles, and props.  They also (as done previous years) had their Mattypalooza panel where they go over the future of their collector focused lines.


I’m an “all-in” Masters of the Universe Classics collector so of course I was very excited to see what they would reveal at this convention.  I’ll give the condensed list, and then we can talk about it afterwards.

Masters of the Universe Classics reveals:

Extendar – Was shown on Thursday night in the case, he was teased at SDCC because they put his shield in the case on the last day.  Extendar will be the June 2014 monthly figure.


Flogg – Another New Adventures fan favorite; Flogg was shown at the Mattypalooza panel and then later put in the case.  He will be the July 2014 monthly figure.

Faker Half Robot Alternate Head – Teased very quickly during the Mattypalooza panel.  This will be a pack-in for a future figure this year!


Angella (?) – The tease was a recolored Princess of Power sword with a pink handle.  Most people I ask say Angella and I’ll go with that until we hear otherwise.  This could also be a tease for the rumored POP mini subscription much like the Filmation one we got this year.  I’d imagine we will either hear about it at Comikaze next month or Toy Fair in February.

Mara wins the 2015 vote, beating Tuskador and Darius – The vote got delayed at the panel because Toy Guru did not have paper for the ballots.  I did not want to stay for the Q&A so my group of three left.  Tuskador lost by one … I feel like a dick.  Sorry!

Check out the gallery below for additional pictures from Mattel’s of the Universe Classics display at NYCC.  Feel free to check out the updated MOTUC checklist with all the new reveals as well!

2 thoughts on “NYCC 2013: Mattel Masters of the Universe Classics”

    1. I just got this month’s drop and everything forward has me super pumped!

      No Tuskador is a bit of a bummer, feel like next year and 2015 are gonna be female heavy.

      4H all but confirmed Multi-Bot for 2015 and we still haven’t gotten our 2014 Snake Man. It’s amazing how much crap they can still do.

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