NYCC 2013: Pop Culture Shock Collectibles

Pop Culture Shock has gotten a lot of press in circles I follow because they recently started making statues based on the Masters of the Universe Filmation series.  I’d always been a fan of Pop Culture Shock and their incredible mixed media Street Fighter statues.  I could never afford them, but that doesn’t take away from how incredible they do look.  I’ve seen some incredible collections from other fans and they make me insanely jealous.

Pop Culture Shock Collectibles had a pretty large booth this year at New York Comic Convention.  They also had a lot to show off including statues from Judge Dredd, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, and Masters of the Universe.

NYCC 2013 Pop Culture Shock Collectibles

Sitting at the booth here from right to left is the life-sized Skeletor bust, Jerry Macaluso (founder of SOTA and Pop Culture Shock), and Ken Lilly (Remember Ken?  Toy legend. Guy that made Palisades toys amazing!  Yeah that guy).  That’s pretty exciting to hear that Ken is involved over there; that should make an already great company even better!

 NYCC 2013 Pop Culture Shock Collectibles

The He-Man statue was quite a beauty to behold in person.  It is also currently on sale over at Pop Culture Shock’s site for a preorder and is limited to 750 pieces.  The statue is massive at almost 30″ tall from the base to the tip of his sword.  I think any fan of Masters of the Universe and the Filmation cartoon would be very pleased to own this.

NYCC 2013 Pop Culture Shock Collectibles

Newly shown at NYCC was the Beastman statue.  Beastman is another 1/4 scale statue like He-Man and looks incredible.  We have additional angles of the Beastman statue below in the gallery of all Pop Culture Shock pictures from the show.

NYCC 2013 Pop Culture Shock Collectibles

Another really impressive piece from the show was the Goro statue.  This 24″ monstrosity really brought me back to my Mortal Kombat days in the arcade where my brother and I would drop quarter after quarter trying to get past him.  He’s also currently up for preorder.  The exclusive version sold out the first day, but the regular release is still available so just check here for what your payment options are.

NYCC 2013 Pop Culture Shock Collectibles

Shao Kahn joins the fray as well!

NYCC 2013 Pop Culture Shock Collectibles

Finally some good old Street Fighter.  Have you ever wanted a life-sized Akuma bust?  You are in luck!

Check out the rest of the pictures from the booth.  These guys really are doing amazing work, and I just wish I could afford it all.

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