NECA Predator Thermal Vision Dutch Review

Crazy as it sounds people dig NECA’s Dutch action figures in a big way.

I actually did not expect this version of Dutch at all.  The thermal variant was not even an idea that crossed my mind last year when NECA had another version to show.  I honestly thought that they were finally going to give us that red polo shirt Dutch.  Of course my plans were even more grand regarding this reveal because I was expecting to see a red polo Dutch locking arms with the first ever Dillon action figure.  Unfortunately when you set your expectations that high it’s easy to fall short.  I just didn’t think my predictions would be 100% wrong.  This is why I’m not a betting man because I couldn’t guess something if my life depended on it, and the other reason is that I have no money.

NECA Predator Series 11 Thermal Vision Dutch Review

I put Thermal Vision Dutch in the same category as the 8-bit variants.  They work well because you don’t feel like you must have them.  There have been a lot of Dutch variants made thus far and I wouldn’t fault anyone for skipping this.  Personally I decided to skip the shirtless one that comes in the Toys “R” Us exclusive two-pack.  I like the idea behind this one, and I’m also a really big fan of colors that stand out.  Seeing him in person really sealed that deal for me as well because I walked out of the store with the whole wave!

NECA Predator Series 11 Thermal Vision Dutch Review

So this figure looks to be the exact mold of Jungle Encounter Dutch (I tried to find a link to my review, and this is the only Dutch I didn’t actually review!).  For those that don’t know that is the series nine variant where he has his tactical vest on but no undershirt.  The difference is pretty obvious if you have eyes, but a lot of my readers don’t so I’ll explain anyway.  He comes molded in clear green plastic and has red and yellow paint applied across his body to simulate what he would look like through a Predator’s eyes.  This effect works great if you like your figures facing forward, unfortunately his back has no paint at all.  Either he exudes no heat out of his back, or they just decided not to do the deco there.

NECA Predator Series 11 Thermal Vision Dutch Review

At the $16.99 price point (at Toys “R” Us no less!) this guy falls into the “impulse buy” category for me.  With Marvel Legends costing $20 and above these days I do enjoy that NECA figures have generally stayed below that $20 price point.  It’s also great just to be able to find these figures at a local store.  My area has very few options these days for collector action figure.  I have one FYE in a fifty mile radius that actually sells toys, and the only other place that carries NECA is Toys “R” Us.  So when FYE fails me I end up having to roll the dice with TRU.  They may get them in late, but at least they get them in at all … sometimes!

NECA Predator Series 11 Thermal Vision Dutch Review

So does this mark the end of the Dutch variants for the Predator line?  I wouldn’t count on it.  I’m sure they will eventually do Dutch in his red polo when the time is right.  I’ve got a hunch they may try to do an “8-bit” variant from the Nintendo game as well.  Those variants seem to be doing well for them since I NEVER SEE THEM ANYWHERE!  If there was one guy to make a whole mess of variants, Arnold Schwarzenegger was definitely a smart choice.  We have two more waves until we hit the Alien vs Predator series (AvP is planned for series 14 through 15) and most likely one of them is a Kenner wave.  So this very well may be it for the humans until we get over the AvP hump unless the next wave is Elder Predator with two Dillon variants.  But that kind of talk is madness.

NECA Predator Series 11 Thermal Vision Dutch Review

Plan on grabbing a Thermal Vision Dutch?  Check out Amazon and maybe grab the whole wave if that tickles your fancy.  I definitely don’t think he’s essential, but he makes a great display piece for the Predator collection with his bright colors.  And it isn’t like he didn’t actually show up in the movie looking like this!


4 thoughts on “NECA Predator Thermal Vision Dutch Review”

    1. Armored Predator is pretty sweet. Gotta say though the best part of him is the sword which looks like it was lifted from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

  1. Yeah this was definitely a must have for me, such a weird idea but the overall execution was solid. I bought the other two figures but I really should ease up on NECA figures. The quality is so hit and miss with often times leaving me with buyers remorse.

    1. I generally have good luck with NECA quality control, if not i just make the best of it and fuck around with the broken parts. However I don’t have a problem passing on things, especially when we are on 11 waves of Predators going strong.

      Cheap NECA’s are good NECAs for me 😛

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