3A 3AGO Eight-Inch Tomorrow King Review

One of 3A’s new ventures this year looks to be a Mego inspired line of eight-inch action figures based off of their existing properties.  They debuted this series called “3AGO” at New York Toy Fair by giving out some early samples of what to expect when this line goes live.  They used both their Nom Deplume and Tomorrow King characters for this first venture.  The figures were also blind boxed into different colorways.  As you can see the one I currently have is colored, but I actually got an all white one with the 3A logo shirt.  I traded it with a buddy and ended up with the one I am doing the review on.

3A 3AGO Eight-Inch Tomorrow King Review Toy Fair Exclusive

Here is what Ashley Wood, the creative mind behind 3A, has to say about this new line:

“I think most people know I love the MEGO 8” figures of old, something about the size and fun of them has never left me cold! So I figure if I have the setup in place to make my own, why not!

Im going to set about building a collection of 8″ characters, mostly of my own design but a few surprizes from outside my own stuff as well. I was using the TK as the platform to develop the line and was not going to actually offer them, but I figured as we have them mostly done etc. ( we will have a bunch of  3ALPHAGO TKs at NYTF, sneak in and grab some, they are not final and have issues but kinda cool to have im guessing! )

Soon as I can offer a cool line up to start they will be on Bamba, I dont want to release just one etc, need to launch with a bunch to choose, more like they did back in the day!”

3A 3AGO Eight-Inch Tomorrow King Review Toy Fair Exclusive

So I guess since these aren’t technically “final” this may be more of a preview than a review, but I don’t have a preview category so we will just review what I did get.  Unfortunately, being fairly new to 3A’s figures I do not have any twelve or six-inch figures to compare with.  I DO have Atlas and P-Body, but unfortunately they are kind of from a whole other world.  To be honest we really don’t need comparisons, the figure did what I assume they put out to do: get me interested in 3A’s in-house products.

3A 3AGO Eight-Inch Tomorrow King Review Toy Fair Exclusive

If I was asked to picture “Mego” I would imagine a very basic figure with limited articulation, chunky bodies, and soft or cartoony features.  This figure is not something that I would consider Mego because it has quite a lot going on.  The figure has a ton of detailing from head to toe.  The head is a perfectly shrunk down version of the 1/6 scale Tomorrow King.  The clothing is incredibly tailored and detailed, especially the belt and pouches strapped all around it.  The artwork on the character’s shirt even looks great at this smaller size.  Finally, the gloves and shoes are also painted and shaded.  The whole presentation looks great.

When I heard “Mego” in regards to this line I definitely did not expect what the output would actually be.  That may just be my preconceived notion of what a Mego inspired line would be.  I’d say it’s more of an evolution of the Mego style, and a pretty large evolutionary jump at that.

3A 3AGO Eight-Inch Tomorrow King Review Toy Fair Exclusive

The Tomorrow King comes with two swords and accompanying sheathes.  He has one hand that is closed enough to hold the sword handle tightly.  The other hand is more open and fits the sheath perfectly.  He has a large belt but it doesn’t have any specific spot or loop to place the sheathes.  I like this approach because I can choose if I want him to store them on the back, front, or side.  I have complete control over where his weapons rest.  I’m not sure if that’s intentional, but I really enjoyed having the freedom to decide.

3A 3AGO Eight-Inch Tomorrow King Review Toy Fair Exclusive

All of his parts like the gloves, shoes, and head pop off really easy.  This is another feature  that I am not sure is intentional, but once this 3AGO line actually launches I think this leaves a lot of room for customization options.  Switching body parts is a ton of fun and I could see that as a big draw to a line like this, especially if the price is fair.  I’m interested to see if they plan to continue “porting” over some of their other properties, or if they plan to make a whole new world for the 3AGO eight-inch scale.

3A 3AGO Eight-Inch Tomorrow King Review Toy Fair Exclusive

If the purpose of this figure was to drum up hype, then that hype may have worked on me.  Previously I’d only been interested in 3A’s partnership with Valve, but now I’m getting that itch for branching out.  3A still has a bunch of products I have little to no interest in.  However, this little 3AGO Tomorrow King was almost like a gateway drug into that world.  There is a World War Robot 1/6 Scale Marquis De Plume going on sale next week, and normally I wouldn’t have thought about it.  This Tomorrow King has piqued my interest, and next Friday I may just have to take a look.  I’m not sure if I’m ready for the financial commitment; Transformers don’t come cheap and my 3AxValve addiction comes first!

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