NECA Pacific Rim S3 Trespasser Review

Fan of Pacific Rim?  Then surely you remember Trespasser, right?  Well if you don’t here is a little history lesson on Trespasser, also known as Axehead.

Trespasser was the first Kaiju to come out of the Breach in the Pacific Ocean.  Even if you didn’t see the movie he was all over the promotional trailers.  After coming through the Breach he headed to San Francisco, destroys the place, and the neighboring cities including Oakland and Sacramento.  Because humanity was not prepared to battle the Kaiju it took six days to finally take him down.  The traditional military weaponry did nothing to the monster, and they ended up using nuclear weapons to eventually kill it.  Some good came of the destruction from using nuclear weapons on Trespasser, Oakland was destroyed after all!

NECA Pacific Rim Series 3 Kaiju Axehead Trespasser Review

Trespasser’s and then a second Kaiju’s attack six months later prompted the Pan Pacific Defense Corps establishment along with the Jaeger program.

It’s great to see the first Kaiju represented in the third Pacific Rim series.  The nice thing about Trespasser is that he basically shares the same body as Knifehead (included in this wave) and Scunner (who is planned for the next wave).  We live in a world where companies need to reuse parts, so this gives NECA a very easy opportunity to knock some Kaiju off the checklist.

NECA Pacific Rim Series 3 Kaiju Axehead Trespasser Review

Knifehead and Trespasser look to share arms, legs, and tail but the rest of the figure is unique.  Trespasser is also made shorter than Knifehead which would make sense since Knifehead was the largest category three so theoretically he should look bigger.  Trespasser is documented at 302 feet tall and weighing about 2,700 tons.  He was never officially classified, but it is safe to assume he would be a category two or lower sized category three.  Knifehead should be around 315 feet tall and weigh about 8,700 tons.  So while only slightly shorter than Knifehead, Trespasser has substantially less weight.

NECA Pacific Rim Series 3 Kaiju Axehead Trespasser Review

I covered the articulation pretty well on my Knifehead review.  Trespasser has the same scheme all around, but his original sculpted parts are where he shines.  Look at Axehead eye-to-eye and tell me you don’t see a four eyed Gremlin?  It’s like the next evolution of the Brain Gremlin right there in Kaiju form, fantastic!  The giant axe-like fins on his head turned out great.

The Kaiju in this third series look so good.  They are incredibly detailed and a fun to pose and play around with.  Their heft also gives them a great presence on the shelf.  The only thing I am concerned about with this wave is the fact that I have no clue where to find it locally?  I’m assuming that Toys R Us ordered them, but the distribution in my area must be terrible.  I never saw the second wave in person and I didn’t want to take the chance with this one so I ordered online.  I wasn’t positive on if I was getting the Jaegers, but with how great the quality turned out for these two guys I gave in as well.  I probably paid a little more than I would want to but the secondary market of previous waves has me scared (damn you Leatherback, I saw you in the Times Square TRU as well but didn’t want to drag you into Toy Fair).

NECA Pacific Rim Series 3 Kaiju Axehead Trespasser Review

I’m kind of hoping that the scarcity means that these guys are flying off of the shelves.  If NECA likes the sales of the line you can bet it will continue as long as it’s profitable.  So for now I’ll take the scarcity as a good sign that everything is doing well with the Pacific Rim line.

Don’t have the prior figures from earlier Pacific Rim waves?  Don’t worry about it!  Series three is a great place to start and you can pick up the Kaiju set here or the Jaeger set here.  The Kaiju half of the wave has been fantastic so I am really curious as to how the Jaeger portion turned out.  I should find out soon as they are currently en route to my abode.  But on the topic of Kaiju, if you leave this review with one thing then make sure it is “BUY THE GODDAMN KAIJU THE MINUTE YOU SEE THEM, YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT THEY ARE AWESOME!

NECA Pacific Rim Series 3 Kaiju Axehead Trespasser Review

The Breach has closed.  Thank you for your time.

6 thoughts on “NECA Pacific Rim S3 Trespasser Review”

  1. I thought Becket’s voiceover stated that the first Kaiju was brought down by a combination of conventional heavy weapons?

    1. In the movie yeah he says it was brought down after a three day fight. I was also using that official comic (I think the story was called “K-Day”) for further info on how Trespasser was taken down. Some of the stuff is very fan-fictiony but I thought the nuclear weapons thing made sense so I put it in.

  2. I was at Toys R Us today and the manager there told me he hasn’t seen these yet, and wasn’t even sure if his store was supposed to get them or not. TRU has had them on their website for a couple of weeks, that’s where I ordered Cherno and Trespasser (with a coupon and free shipping, so score), but I’m not sure where to find them.
    If not TRU then I’d hit up Hastings, if you have one near you.

    1. I don’t think I have a Hastings in my area, but it doesn’t really matter since I just ordered online. I guess at this point I’m just used to it and shouldn’t expect too much out of my local shopping trips 🙁

      Even my FYE that had the first series has decided to boycott new NECA stuff.

        1. Oh wow thanks for the heads up! I just got my Jaegers in today but that’s a great price. So great in fact Cherno is already out of stock. People gobble this damn line up.

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