Mattel Masters of the Universe Classics Blade Review

I have a confession to make; I’ve only ever seen the Masters of the Universe movie once in my life.  It was in a theater when I was six and it pretty much scared the crap out of me.  I’ve never gone back.  I have no intention of going back.  It’s just one of those doors that I closed a long time ago, and as silly as it sounds I have no desire to open it up again.  Does this mean I am going to say no to movie figures in the Masters of the Universe Classics line?  Hell no!  Bring ’em on!

* – I also have a subscription so no matter what I say I really have no choice, I’m getting the figure.

Mattel Masters of the Universe Classics MOTUC Blade Review Mattel Masters of the Universe Classics MOTUC Blade Review

Masters of the Universe Classics – Blade
Release Date: 04/15/2014 (Monthly Subscription)
Price: $25.00 ($27.00 non sub)
Title: Evil Master of Swords

Mattel Masters of the Universe Classics MOTUC Blade Review

While I don’t believe Mattel has the rights to make figures from the movies there are three characters made it into the vintage line: Saurod, Blade, and Gwildor.  I won’t pretend to know what exactly the deal is, but since they were in the vintage line Mattel is apparently allowed to make figures of those three.  I decided to take a look back at stills from the movie and compare them to both the vintage and Classics version of Blade.  The figure definitely seems to take its likeness more from the actor, Anthony De Longis, more so than the vintage figure.  I’m glad they decided that he should look more like Anthony since the vintage figure looks like he’s trying to push out a giant shit.

Mattel Masters of the Universe Classics MOTUC Blade Review

Blade is one of those figures that has a lot going on.  From the prototype stage he had a big red bullseye on him for “cost cutting measures.”  He’s covered in chain mail and shockingly this requires paint.  If what we have been told in the past is true (probably not) then the paint is the biggest cost hurdle when making these toys.  Thankfully it looks as though no armor was harmed in the process of cost cutting.  Unfortunately his weapons didn’t fare as well.  Both swords are molded in gray plastic and only one has a couple of red paint applications on the guard.

Mattel Masters of the Universe Classics MOTUC Blade Review

Now since Blade is, in fact, so detailed I wouldn’t be too upset about having to cut a few accessory paint applications.  However the guy’s name is BLADE.  His swords are what make his character!  Of any figure those blades of his should get some attention.  Clamp Champ’s gigantic clamp did not get the shaft because it’s his namesake.  Mr. Blade should be afforded the same courtesy but he was snubbed.  Luckily I have a few more detailed swords sitting around the house if painting doesn’t work out.

Mattel Masters of the Universe Classics MOTUC Blade Review

The swords may not be detailed but they can both be holstered which is nice!  The bottom half of Blade’s armor has loops on the outside of his legs where you can easily store his prized weapons.  As expected the armor is pretty bulky.  Though, while bulky, it’s kind of fitting for the character.  The bulk isn’t nearly as offensive to me as it was on Hydron.  The only real problem is that it hides his neck.  This can be remedied however if you just rest his head on the neck peg instead of plugging it all the way in.  You will have a loose head, but he displays better because the body looks appropriately proportioned.  If you want the head to stay on a little better get some Blu-Tack.

Mattel Masters of the Universe Classics MOTUC Blade Review

Despite a few nitpicks Blade is a pretty sharp (sorry, had to!) figure.  The head sculpt is incredible, the armor looks great, and it’s nice to have a Blade action figure that doesn’t look constipated.  It’s also kind of cool that Blade was the first movie figure to get a toy when Anthony De Longis actually did a video both sub years where we needed to “save the line.”  If you want to check out the videos here is the 2012 one and the 2013 video.  We all get caught up in the whole work from Mattel that is the subscription drive, but it’s cool to see Anthony stump for the line out of love of the property.  I’m glad we’re at the point where we have Blade.  Despite not having much nostalgia for the movie I can appreciate that he’s a well made figure, and will make a great addition to my evil warrior shelf.

Mattel Masters of the Universe Classics MOTUC Blade Review

It looks as though Blade officially sold out on Matty’s site.  If you still need one go check Amazon as there are sellers with some in stock.

Mattel Masters of the Universe Classics MOTUC Blade Review

Speaking of subscription drives, we’re only a few months away from July and then we get to do the old fear game again!  And this year they can hold the fact that the POP subscription didn’t reach the quota the apparently wanted.  The joys of being a Masters of the Universe Classics collector!

3 thoughts on “Mattel Masters of the Universe Classics Blade Review”

  1. Just got him today. He’s…fine, but I knew the moment we saw the prototype that Mattel was going to make his chain mail armor over sized. I really wish they had put the longer neck piece (like Battle Armor He-man) in there to hold his head higher, he looks weird with it pushed all the way down on the ball.

    1. I actually don’t mind the armor, it’s not as bad at making him look fat in comparison to some others this year. But the head thing is definitely unfortunate. Even just a slightly longer peg would have been fine, the head will still cover it up. Oh Mattel!

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