MOTUC: Lets Guess the Rest of 2014!

Let’s take a look at the current Masters of the Universe Classics line-up as of today:

January – Two-Bad
February – Modulok ($40), Glimmer
March – Hydron, Unnamed One (Sub)
April – Blade
May – Battle Lion ($38), Scorpia
June – Extendar
July – Flogg, Double Mischief (POP)
August – NA Skeletor ($25), Flutterina, Madam Razz (POP)
September – Rio Blast, Entrapta (POP)
October – <Eternia Monthly>, <POP Monthly>, Light Hope (POP Sub)
November – <Eternia Monthly>, <POP Monthly>
December – <Eternia Monthly>, <POP Monthly>


What we know – We’ve seen a preview of both Eldor’s book (and an Eldor prototype on eBay recently) and Sweet Bee’s helmet.  Usually these are the next-to-be-released figures.  So we’ll put Eldor and Sweet Bee into their respective October Eternia and POP slots.


Snake Men – We still have two vintage Snake Men left, Tung Lashor and Sssqueeze.  I’m going to say that since Sssqueeze’s past figure uses bendy material for the arms they pushed him back to 2015 to figure out the logistics.  Tung Lashor will be the 2014 figure and traditionally September – November are faction heavy so he fits right into the November Eternia slot.


Beast/Quarterly Slot – We still have a $38 beast/quarterly slot for the year, and this price point is what Battle Cat/Lion and horse figures cost.  Mattel isn’t going to do another Battle Cat body figure this year, sorry to everyone who wanted Clawdeen or Sleeta!  I do however believe this figure will be Princess of Power based so I’m going to go with Arrow, Bow’s steed.  Mattel loves to go for an easy repaint and this is about as easy as they come.


Holiday Item – We have a $35 “Holiday Item” at the end of the year, apparently something “all fan’s would want.”  Now if it’s anything like the “love letter to fans” that Unnamed one was, don’t get yourself too excited.  However I think this will be the perfect slot for Mermista.  We were told specifically that Mermista would not be in the POP sub, but that doesn’t mean she won’t show up in the Eternia sub.  My money is on Mermista for the holiday item, most likely to hit in December.

So with these items being filled lets take a look at the end of the year’s speculation thus far:

October – Eldor, Sweet Bee (POP), Light Hope (POP Sub)
November – Tung Lashor, <POP Monthly>, Arrow ($38)
December – <Eternia Monthly>, <POP Monthly>, Mermista (Holiday Item – $35)


With one more Club Eternia to go for December, I think I’m going to close out the year with Gwildor.  As we have been told there are three movie-based figures that Mattel is allowed to use: Blade, Saurod, and Gwildor.  I’m pretty sure they want to fit one more movie figure into the year just in case the 2015 sub gets low numbers, Gwildor fits the role pretty well!


We’re down to two Princess of Power figures.  One is the normal $25 and the other is $30.  I’m going to guess the $30 will hit in November and will be Angella … I had my Peekablue suspicions with all the paint applications, but I think the wings put Angella over the top.  Speaking of our runner-up …


Our December 2014 POP subscription figure will be Peekablue.  Why?  I don’t know, but I just like that guess and I like Peekablue.

Will we have another item similar to the Sky-High with the Jet Sled?  I’m willing to bet so.  I’ll have to save my guesses on that for another post though.  So in closing, here is my proposed lineup for 2014:

January – Two-Bad
February – Modulok ($40), Glimmer
March – Hydron, Unnamed One (Sub)
April – Blade
May – Battle Lion ($38), Scorpia
June – Extendar
July – Flogg, Double Mischief (POP)
August – NA Skeletor ($25), Flutterina, Madam Razz (POP)
September – Rio Blast, Entrapta (POP)
October – Eldor, Sweet Bee (POP), Light Hope (POP Sub)
November – Tung Lashor, Mermista (POP – $30), Arrow ($38)
December – Gwildor, Peekablue, Mermista (Holiday Item – $35)

Just like last year the end of 2014 is stacked with characters.  But at least we don’t have a Castle Grayskull sized item like last year!


9 thoughts on “MOTUC: Lets Guess the Rest of 2014!”

  1. I’m right with you on the Eldor and Sweet Bee for October. Those two seem as close to confirmed as possible without an actual confirmation.

    Regarding Tung Lashor and Ssqueeze, I think your logic is sound (we’ve had some heavily tooled figures this year) but I’m way more likely to believe that Matty would use Tung Lashor as a 2015 sub lure than Ssqueeze). I’m going to put Ssqueeze in the November Eternia slot.

    For the November $30 dollar POP slot, I either want to go with Spinnerlla or Peek-a-blue as I could see either figure costing a bit more. If I weren’t looking from this as a finish up the vintage line perspective, I’d guess Dylamug, but I think A. He would have sold more subs to non POP fans and B. Mattel really needs to get the POP ladies in there so the 2015 sub isn’t over POPulated for the non fans. I’ll go with Spinerella as I think she’s a bit more complex. Angella just seems like a true lure for the 2015 subscription.

    For the beast slot, I’m a bit perplexed. Since it’ll be revealed at SDCC, I can’t see Mattel going with another POP item as that would seem to be POP overkill and might reflect poorly on the 2015 sub (I’m a POP fan myself, but am totally aware there are plenty of fans who aren’t). I’m going to go out on a limb and say this will be either Stridor or Nightstalker. Probably Nightstalker with Stridor as 2015 sub bait.

    For December, I think Gwildor is definitely a good choice. For Etheria, I think we’re looking at Perfuma. She definitely seems like a character who needs to be in the POP sub versus the Eternia sub. And yeah, I’m leaning towards Mermista as the holiday bonus item as well. I don’t dislike Mermista any, but I’m always amazed by how many fans are always clamoring for her.

    1. The funny thing is I’m trying to figure out what is actually left for solid sub bait next year?

      Multibot should be a hit considerring how well Modulok was done. Ninjor, Dragstor, Lizard Man, Saurod. I think they are all sound figures but nothing screams “MUST HAVE” … until we see how they were done, I’m sure something will blow me away.

      And it isn’t like I’m not subbing next year. It’s everyone else in the world fatigued on the line, and the price increases that could cause problems.

      I’m also thinking Ssqueeze could cost more which would be why he’d go to next year. Tung Lashor is basically Two-Bad sized, depending on the influence they decide to use, 200x or vintage.

      For the beast slot I just can’t imagine another cat or a new sculpt. I think Arrow is the safe and easy choice for them, and I’m guessing they will do it based off of the toy since it is a simple repaint. A Filmation Arrow would be cool cause the horse doesn’t have wings, and would take up less space on my shelf!

  2. I just don’t see the robo-horses happenning. At least not this year. Mattel has been going through massive layoffs and cost savings measures this year and I really think it’s even starting to show with the product that is coming out … especially the half-assed SDCC lineup. If they had foresight, they would have realized with the TF4 movie coming out dinosaurs will be huge and was the time to release a mega sized Tyrantisaurus Rex! It would have been awesome.

  3. I really hope you’re right about Tung Lashor, because I loved that figure as a kid and really want an updated version. Sssqueeze on the other hand does not interest me. I would really like to see Ninjor this year, because I never had a version of him growing up, and he would be easy enough to make.

  4. Stridor would be amazing. Someone on made a professional quality Stridor, which made me really into the idea of getting the robo horse in Classics. Think how much more Fisto would rule the entire collection if you had a Stridor to sit him on.

    Thinking a little out of left field here…what if the beast was something like Sagitar from the New Adventures?

    Also…that Ninja Turtle photo is amazing. Pure awesome. What’s it from?

    1. As far as the Ninja Turtle picture, no clue! Someone on Facebook sent me it the day I put up the article so I used it, haha!

  5. Sólo quiero hacer notar que en Mattycollector me informaron de que está prevista la creación de Mantisaur, por lo que yo apostaría por ella como un slot próximo de bestia, incluso puede que para este mismo año.
    Y ojalá lleguen a crear una montura para King Hsss. Dado que las serpientes por naturaleza se alimentan de ratas, yo había pensado en una gran rata de batalla del tamaño de battle cat o panthor, con su armadura y todo. la idea me encanta.

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