Hasbro Marvel Legends Jubilee Build-A-Figure Review

Jubilee is probably one of the top most wanted characters who had yet to get the Marvel Legends treatment.  It’s actually pretty amazing in fifteen years we do not have a single Jubilee figure.  At San Diego Comic Convention in 2013 this all changed.  A mostly villain themed wave with a Jubilee build-a-figure was announced.  People were very excited not only for Jubilee, but all of these amazing villains.  As things typically happen with Marvel Legends the figures get pushed back, shuffled around, and ultimately cancelled.  The Jubilee wave was a victim of this.  A lot of good figures were lost in the shuffle including Tiger Shark, Agent Venom, Radioactive Man, Batroc, Blizzard, Songbird, and Moonstone.

A few of these characters are starting to find their way into other waves and exclusives spots.  But for the most part the Jubilee wave that was originally advertised was completely gutted.  A few months back Toys “R” Us announced a X-Men themed wave, and with that the Jubilee build-a-figure found a home once again.  The Marvel Legends Infinite X-Men wave has five figures with no variants.  Four of them are needed to build Jubilee: Storm (body and legs), Magneto (left arm), Cyclops (right arm), and Stryfe (head and energy effects).  Wolverine is also included in the wave but does not contain a build-a-figure part.

So Jubilee is here and I’m willing to bet some people will be disappointed that she is in her ‘Marvel Now‘ costume and not the 90’s cartoon version we grew up with.  Personally I am fine with the new costume.  The old style is just that, old.  It fit the time but would look silly in comparison to today’s fashion standards.  And if there is anything I consider myself an authority on it’s modern fashion standards.  Marvel Now Jubilee drops the short shorts and pink shirt for a black full body suit with a yellow rain coat draped over it.

The look translates well into an action figure.  I do have a slight issue with the coat, however.  I feel like the collar eats up too much neck space and ends up covering her face a bit.  I’ve considered gluing down the collar onto the shoulder of her jacket, but I don’t want to risk ruining the figure especially with how hard it was to obtain her.  Instead I’ve just been pushing it down while sitting at my desk; wearing it in like a new baseball glove.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Infinite X-Men Jubilee BAF Build-A-Figure Review

Jubilee’s head is something special.  It’s really well done.  All the paint is sharp and I have little to no bleeding or sloppy applications.  The eyes are looking in the proper direction as well which is a rarity these days!  While the head looks great her body does have a few structural issues.  I’d suggest heating the her left arm a little before messing around with it.  The joint is really tight and I stressed it a bit trying to position her.  Her wrist hinges are very tight as well, and since they have smaller pegs it would probably be best to put them under a hair dryer.  The only other problem I have is that her knee joints have some of the softest,  most rubbery plastic I have seen in a while.  It causes her right leg to jut out to the side.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Infinite X-Men Jubilee BAF Build-A-Figure Review

Besides the few quality concerns Jubilee is a great figure that was well worth the wait.  The real question is if she is worth picking up four other questionable quality figures to make her?  I got a ridiculously good deal on mine since Toys “R” Us was having a “buy one get one 40% off” sale on Marvel figures when the preorder went up.  I bought the entire wave for $61 shipped.  You don’t run into deals like that often.  The figures are now $19.99 each on TRU’s website, however Storm and Magneto look to be sold through.  If you did not get in on the preorder (or your preorder got cancelled, I know quite a few people’s were) then it may be a tough ride trying to complete this wave and put together Jubilee.

Puck also wasn’t an easy one to track down.  It may be a X-Men curse.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Infinite X-Men Jubilee BAF Build-A-Figure Review

She was totally worth building at the price I paid.  I would even recommend her at the $19.99 MSRP since you only need to buy four figures.  I probably would not go higher than that though.  I ended up skipping the Wolverine wave with the build-a-figure Puck because Diamond was charging almost $25 a figure.  Eventually they WILL price me out of collecting these things.

If Toys “R” Us hunts aren’t working out for you the figures are available at Amazon, but the prices are slightly higher.  Good luck!


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  1. See you complain about the collar… but remember, this is technically her vampire costume. So, like, the high collar is a freakin requirement. The toy just got sparkly fist powers cause NO ONE KNOWS SHE’S A VAMPIRE.

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