Hasbro Marvel Legends Infinite Series Agent Venom Review

Walgreens is now the place to go to pick up toys!  I’m sure the employees at Walgreens have started to notice their fair share of my type of people visiting their stores.  By “my type” I mean the one who walks the isles of the store looking for new toys and then most likely finds nothing and walks back out.  I’m ashamed to admit that for the last few weeks I have been that guy in the four Walgreens operating in my general area.  I’ve run into the occasional Tyrion Lannister from the Funko Game of Thrones line, but I’m not collecting those figures anymore.  Today I finally came upon an Agent Venom!  Sure I’m weeks late to the Venom party, but it’s exciting to me.  I’m also one of those assholes that put in a preorder back in July but can’t sit around empty-handed while other people are opening their toys.

So back to Walgreens being the place to go to get toys.  Well it appears that the guy that does all the purchasing for the drug-chain is also a big time toy collector.  So he’s worked some deals now to get all kinds of exclusives from properties like The Walking Dead, Star Wars, Dr. Who, and of course Marvel Legends.  He also seems eager to hear from fans on what they would like to see on Walgreens’ shelves, so feel free to let him know there are many cancelled Marvel Legends figures we’d still like to see (Hint: Wolverine Legends Rogue and Bulldozer).

Agent Venom was originally planned for the 2013 Jubilee build-a-figure series that was full of fun villains, but was unfortunately cancelled.  Thankfully the Jubilee wave was resurrected with a new X-Men theme and all new characters.  This left figures like Agent Venom in Hasbro limbo.  There is a pretty large and still growing list of figures that are currently sitting in the Hasbro limbo.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned it many times that I’m not a huge Marvel comic reader.  However, I am a gigantic toy fan and typically if a figure looks cool I end up having to research if their character has had a decent comic arc.  I like the Agent Venom idea.  I like the look too.  It seems that other people have taken to him as well.  I’m seriously considerring grabbing a trade with this character if it is, in fact, good.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Agent Venom Walgreens

The execution of this figure is terrific.  He looks like a combat soldier (Flash Thompson) suited up as the Venom symbiote; it’s a great representation of the comic character.  To simulate his armor they used an overlay similar to the Masters of the Universe Classics.  However this one does not appear to be removable, and also doesn’t make him look fat.  His proportions are kept in pretty good order.  The paint is simple but pretty sharp.  The guy has a total of two colors and the entire figure is made of black plastic.  Flash has a hole in his back to plug his symbiote tentacles into.  Sadly this doesn’t work as well as it should because the hole in his back is slightly too big for the peg on the tentacles, so the piece ends up sagging and then falling off.  While I appreciate the inclusion they aren’t worth the hassle.  He looks fine without them.

Agent Venom comes with a nice collection of guns.  Most of them are either too small or just don’t fit in his hands.  Also the holster on his left leg has a gun molded permanently into it so you can’t put any of his accessories on his person if they aren’t being held.  I’m of the opinion that if you can find a decent sized assault rifle or some larger weapon he will look much better.  I played around with some larger guns like my TF2 Pyro flamethrower and Winter Soldier’s red sniper rifle.  They both work great with this guy.

If this figure had just been cancelled it probably wouldn’t have mattered much to me.  However, having him now I am really glad he did eventually find a home.  It’s also nice that Walgreens isn’t bogged down with back stock of previous Hasbro mistakes like Slave Princess Leia, so the figures are universally pretty easy to find.  Unless of course you have that local douchebag that buys the entire display case off the shelf to hock on buy/sell/trade Facebook groups.  Of course if you don’t have a Walgreens anywhere near you the figures are beginning to show up on places like Amazon for decent prices, so that may be worth checking out.



1 thought on “Hasbro Marvel Legends Infinite Series Agent Venom Review”

  1. No kidding about the people who buy a whole display case. There are several cases on ebay right now, but it looks like nobody is really making any profit on these anymore, not since they’re becoming more readily available at stores.
    I just picked up my agent venom last night, and really like him. I wasn’t actively searching for him, because some of the pictures I saw made it look like he had funky proportions, but in-hand he looks fine. If he didn’t look so cool, I’d probably think he was just an okay figure, but I really like his design.

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