DC Collectibles The New Batman Adventures 03 Mr. Freeze Review

I really liked the Batman the Animated Series version of Mr. Freeze.  Those circular red glasses that would glow with his dark silhouette always stuck out with me making him one of the more tragic and memorable villains in the series.  When I was younger I didn’t understand television seasons or anything like that.  Most of the stuff I watched was syndicated so I was probably catching it years behind anyway.  I do remember, however, when they changed the animation style to The New Adventures of Batman and I thought it was a different show.  I never really got into Batman’s New Adventure; I was cool with the old one and I think my cartoon days were waning anyway.  No use investing myself in something new.

Yes, I have a gigantic preference towards the other Mr. Freeze, so I was a bit disappointed that DC Collectibles decided to go with this version first.  But then again the initial roll out of twelve figures leans more towards New Adventures at a ratio of seven to five.  Somebody over at DC Collectibles has a New Adventures of Batman bias.

Mr. Freeze is probably the least accessorized character in the first series.  He still comes with a good amount of stuff including four additional hands, a freeze blaster, figure stand, and spider-legs.  To be quite honest if it wasn’t for the spider-legs I would have probably passed on him.  The legs take him from being a mediocre representation of Mr. Freeze to the next best thing after the B’omarr Monk.  Don’t believe B’omarr Monks are awesome?  Check out the Tales from Jabba’s Palace.  I can’t vouch for the entire book as I read it at a very young age (and I’m sure if I went back it would read like bad fan fiction), but they certainly took a stage prop and gave it an interesting story.

DC Collectibles New Adventures of Batman Mr. Freeze

The dark silhouette with red eyes is gone, but it’s been replaced with creepy mechanical legs transporting a head.  It’s not exactly what I grew up with but I’d consider it a fair trade.

DC Collectibles New Adventures of Batman Mr. Freeze

My sentiment for this series is very much in line with this famous internet personality:

I love collecting this series, but not in the usual way I enjoy a toy line.  It’s almost akin to walking on a frozen lake.  There is nothing more exhilarating than being able to run across a lake in the middle of winter, but there is always the chance that ice is going to cave in and I’ll die.  To David’s point, I enjoy collecting this line for my own masochistic reasons but I wouldn’t dare recommend them to anyone else.

DC Collectibles New Adventures of Batman Mr. Freeze

It seems like every figure is a $25 gamble.  The only problem with this gamble is you either get a good figure or it breaks … I suppose a good figure is an upside but that’s not enough!  If the universe were balanced I should have the chance of either opening a broken figure or having a second one pop out of the packaging.  Sure I got a broken Batman but the next figure I opened yielded two Catwomen!

DC Collectibles New Adventures of Batman Mr. Freeze

Whatever though, I’m still having fun with this line and I’m in for at least the first twelve.  Sure I talk them down a lot but if you still want a Mr. Freeze he can be had at your local comic shop or Amazon.  This ends the first series of four figures.  The next set of releases should start up again in January.  This is very much a “collect at your own risk” type of line.  Quality control is all over the place, but I’m satisfied with how Freeze turned out in that respect.  Everything checks out on my figure so I take that as a good sign.

I’d love to do more action poses but the articulation is very restricted.  So this is what you get instead …

DC Collectibles New Adventures of Batman Mr. Freeze



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  1. Great-looking figure, but I prefer the old design too. I don’t think I’ve ever even seen TNBA, but I watched a buttload of the original series back in the 1990s. It was much better-made than I realised at the time; the stylised approach it took has made it age much better than some of its contemporaries, like X-Men.

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