Mattel MOTUC Tung Lashor

Mattel Masters of the Universe Classics Tung Lashor Review

I was a little shocked to go back and discover that the last Masters of the Universe Classics figure review I did was in October of 2014!  There are probably a few contributing factors to this, but the big one is that nothing past Modulok in 2014 excited me.  Well, that isn’t entirely true.  There were a few figures that excited me like Rio Blast, but that didn’t end well.  Last year’s MOTUC offerings were just a bit deflating for me.

That said I’m not giving up on He-Man and his companions.  This year there will be many more MOTUC reviews up, but more than likely I’m still not going to review every single figure that comes my way.  When every base figure looks the same reviews get tedious as hell.  But I figured I’d take a look at Tung Lashor since I’m in between a few figures arriving, and if I stop making content I’ll die.

So why isn’t this Lizard Man?  Well Matty cancelled my subscription for some reason, so he’s shipping to me a little late this month.

Masters of the Universe Classics – Tung Lashor
Release Date: 11/17/2014 (Monthly Subscription)
Price: $25.00 ($27.00 non sub)
Title: Evil Snake Men Creature With the Venomous Tongue

Tung Lashor was one of those figures I was really looking forward to last year.  His “staction figure” was one of my favorite re-imaginations of the character to come out of the 200x line.  The staction version Tung Lashor this is not.  He’s a Classics recreation of the vintage figure from head to toe.  Which is fine because they still gave him a killer paint job, and his pink and purple color scheme is what truly attracts me to the character.

He comes with a generous amount of accessories: an alternate head, snake staff, and blue dragonfly crossbow.  The Horde armband could also be considered an accessory since it’s removable, depends on your perspective.  It’s good to have more Horde armbands around in case any other characters decide to defect to the best faction of Masters of the Universe.  The crossbow is a nice new sculpt with blue metallic paint, and the snake staff is the same one we’ve gotten with every other Snake Men release.

I’m torn on the alternate head (the one with the tongue sticking out).  The good is that it has an evil looks and his signature giant tongue sticking out.  The fact that it isn’t bendy or posable doesn’t really bug me either.  However, he has a bone going through his tongue.  At least I assume it’s either a bone or some teeth, I’m not positive on this.  They went VERY vintage with the Tung Lashor construction, yet for some reason the one design choice I could have done without on the staction they decided to leave in.

Neither of his heads really peg in correctly.  They are tight as hell to get on, but once they pop in they lay very loosely making it hard to make him look up or down.  I just end up resting his head wherever it falls.

Time to talk about my favorite aspect of Masters of the Universe Classics: part reuse!  Well actually discovering what parts are new.  Tung Lashor has a few new parts including his upper body, feet, hands, and heads.  The upper body is made from a different material than the rest of the body, it feels really lite.  Other than the lack of heft it’s fine though.

Mattel MOTUC Tung Lashor

Tung Lashor is a personal favorite character of mine, and while Mattel didn’t blow me away with him they did make an adequate figure.  In a year with quite a few duds and a bunch of characters I didn’t care too much about I suppose I have to take what I can get.  He’s not perfect but he’s a Snake Man, and he’s one figure away from completing the vintage Snake Men faction (Sssqueeze comes out in June).  There are two MOTU factions that I feel are most important to be complete: The Horde and The Snake Men.

If you want a Tung Lashor for your collection I’d check out Amazon as he’s now long gone from Matty.


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