NECA Aliens S3 Bishop Review

It’s nice to get another human in our Alien action figure series.  Of course before you correct me I’m well aware that Bishop is not a human.  Lance Henriksen, however, is a human and we should respect him as such.  He’s given us so much throughout the years from movies to television; the man is everywhere.  His role as Bishop kept our lunch tables in grade school constantly occupied trying to perfect his knife-stabbing-between-the-fingers thing.  We could never achieve his greatness, and at quite a cost to our friend’s poor fingers.  Creatures are always fun, but having an actual character is much more fun.  Remember when Dutch was introduced into the Predator line?  It was like a shot in the arm for me.  It totally reinvigorated my interest in the series.  I like to have characters mixed in with my creatures.

I’d probably rank Bishop as my favorite android in the Alien series.  He slightly edges out Ash since he was helpful instead of being a dick.  After Ash I’d have to go with David, and then I’ll begrudgingly list Call as almost an afterthought.  That’s right folks, you came for toy reviews and get to stay for “Top Four Android” talk!

NECA Aliens Series 3 Bishop

Bishop is a fairly straightforward figure that comes packed with a knife, an alternate hand to hold said knife, and a lantern.  I do have a slight issue with the right shoulder on my Bishop because the peg pops right out of the socket.  It isn’t broken or anything since I can pop it back in, but if I play around with the arm too much it pops back out.  I’ve attempted heating and shaving down the peg a bit but just can’t seem to get it to latch all the way into the torso.  I also found an interesting trick while using far too much brute force to get the shoulder in; the legs are actually fairly easy to pop in and out of their joints as well!  Bishop is just a poppin’ action figure!

The likeness to Lance Henriksen is pretty spot on.  This figure’s head-sculpt is a very viable way to make up a custom Frank Black, Ed Harley, Detective Hal Vukovich, Charles Bishop Weyland, or Mack Dalton.  Lance sure gets around and deserves far more action figures than he actually gets.  Although I can’t imagine NECA won’t take the opportunity to make a “Queen Damaged” version or Bishop II from Alien3.  Now that I’ve thought about it I’ll be slightly disappointed if I don’t see a Bishop variant at Toy Fair next month.

Bishop has a pretty generous articulation scheme for what he is.  If you have any of NECA’s other human figures like Dutch, Hicks, or Hudson you can expect much of the same.  There was probably no need for it but I’m glad they decided to drop the toe articulation that the marines got.  Bishop certainly doesn’t need the extra cut, and I find that he’s much easier to stand up without it.

I think most people know if they need or do not need a Bishop action figure.  The important thing is if you feel that you do need a Bishop then NECA will do you right with this release.  He’s got a great articulations scheme, a nice range of motion, some sweet “Bishop” accessories, and most of all he looks just like Lance Henriksen.  At less than $20 Bishop should make any and all Aliens fans very happy.

NECA Aliens Series 3 Bishop

Bishop can be had at your local comic store, Toys “R” Us, or just log into your computer and buy one online.  If you plan on getting the Queen then you’re going to need her favorite android to rip apart!

NECA Aliens Series 3 Bishop



3 thoughts on “NECA Aliens S3 Bishop Review”

  1. Nice review! I’m definitely going to keep an eye out for this guy online. And yes, I’d totally buy a milk spewing alien damaged Bishop, too. That’d be a rad figure.

    By the way, great pic of Bishop doing the knife trick on Hudson. Hudson’s expression works really well for that, too.

    1. Thanks! I had a hell of a time finding a table-like structure to set them up on. I ended up using a grand piano that was packed with Rowlf from Palisade’s Muppet line. Just cropped out the rest of it 😛

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