Toy Fair 2015 The Loyal Subjects Masters of the Universe

Toy Fair 2015: The Loyal Subjects Masters of the Universe

Were you disappointed when Mattel’s mini Masters of the Universe line was cancelled?  Well it looks as though there may be some new life for the property since The Loyal Subjects have just picked the license.  As can be assumed from the teaser silhouette they plan to incorporate their new Action Vinyl body style into the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe world.  No names have been dropped yet since they just finalized this deal very recently.

Toy Fair 2015 The Loyal Subjects Masters of the Universe

One nice thing about this deal is that a typical Loyal Subjects figure costs around $13.  These figures are fully articulated and come with accessories.  Mattel’s mini-Masters were $20 with shipping (since you can’t actually get them in a local store) so roughly $32 for one two-pack of figures with no articulation or accessories.  Masters of the Universe fans who want mini figures are totally making out on this deal.  Plus more than likely you will be able to find these in a Barnes and Nobles or similar specialty retailers.

This is some pretty exciting news and I can’t wait to see what we have in store.  Even if it only ends up being one wave, I’ll still most likely find it more satisfying than the Mattel effort.


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  1. I’m pretty excited about these. Speaking of those Masters of the Universe minis, I actually ordered the full set, but once I got them, was very disappointed in their size and paint. I returned them for a refund, and chalked up the $18 non-refundable shipping as a valuable lesson not to give Matty too much money if I have the slightest hint of trepidation.

  2. I think that much of the information in this article is a little misleading, for instance the Matty mini’s were sold in 2-packs so the quoted $32 should be divided by 2 ie $16 each. Secondly the mini’s had articulation at the arms and head which if I am not mistaken is not all that different than these figures unless these also have leg articulation at the hip. Third the Matty mini’s came with 2 accessories per character on average with the single exception being Stratos who came with only a staff of avion. The largest likely difference here is that these Loyal subjects figures will be a bit larger than the Matty ones but also the Matty figures might actually have had a greater range of different body and appendage sculpts. Just sayin

    1. Well yes I did mention they are sold in two-packs at the $32 (roughly with shipping) price point.

      As far as the Action Vinyl body it has ball joints at the neck, shoulders, and hips. They also have swivels on the wrists and ankles. If I’m not mistaken the MOTU Minis generally were swivel shoulders and most had a swivel on the head as well? They were built very similar to the Marvel Super Hero Squad figures, or whatever the short lived DC equivalent was. Obviously I don’t know what Loyal Subjects plans to pack with their figures, but going by their TMNT line they pack them pretty nicely with accessories: turtles come with the signature weapons as well as pizza, etc.

      I’ve always been down on how much the MOTU minis went for. And to be honest I think Loyal Subjects stuff is slightly high for my tastes (I’d prefer sub $10 for blind boxed stuff), but I think by comparison the Action Vinyl figures look to be a better value. And if/when they do come out I’ll probably be able to get them at a local shop. So I can at least dip my toe in for $10 – $15 and see if I like it.

    2. If these are like the ninja turtles figures, you can expect ball joint head (not much tilt though) ball joint shoulders on a barbell ball peg (joint at body and arm to allow greater movement), swivel wrists, possibly swivel waists, ball joint hips (not sure how much range though) and ball joint ankles.

      I really love the idea of the mini masters, and dig their design. I wish I had liked them more, because their proportions looked great. I loved how they were so much more exaggerated than the vintage figures.

      I was mostly disappointed in the crummy paint that several of the figures I received displayed, how tiny they were compared to the SDCC mini masters, and their lack of swivel/hinge shoulders and swivel wrists (which the prototypes were designed to have).

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