Hasbro Star Wars Black Six Inch Bossk

Hasbro Star Wars Black Six-Inch Bossk Review

Bossk has always been the best figure in any action figure line he’s put in.  One of my first forays as a “collector” was shortly after Star Wars’ POTF2 launched and I heard word there was a Bossk out there.  Back then the internet really wasn’t the thing it is today, so I mostly relied on friends’ store accounts and card back checklists.  Hunting was also kind of tough since my parents would have to take me out if I wanted to get toys.  But that’s neither here, nor there.  The point is that Bossk was among the first Star Wars releases after the vintage line, and that figure is still pretty damn good.

From then we’ve had a Bossk in just about every Star Wars figure series since, and he’s almost always done really well.  Does the Star Wars Black six-inch Bossk live up to the proud reptilian tradition?  He’s pretty good, but when you get him out of the package some of the warts start to show.

The first thing I noticed about Bossk is his giant feet.  I think Hasbro really took a good look at the costume and tried copy the proportions as closely as possible.  Even when those proportions make him look like a man in a reptile suit.  Both the giant feet and calves that are larger than the flight suit they come out of are represented on the figure.  While they kept the puppet proportions on the feet they did take a few artistic liberties with the head.  It appears that they moved his eyes forward slightly to give him a little less “muppety” look.

I haven’t bought a Star Wars Black figure in a while, but one of the issues that drove me away was the lack of accessories.  Bossk is a great example of why this is still a problem.  In the movie he had one accessory, the rifle, which is included.  They certainly could have gone with the past figure route and included a pistol-type weapon.  However, I don’t need that.  What I would have liked is if they included at least one additional pair of hands.  Packing him with an extra open left hand and a gripping right hand would have been fantastic.  I just feel limited with the hand choices given, especially since he only needed one other accessory.

Hasbro Star Wars Black Six Inch Bossk

His right hand is pretty useless.  Except for holding pizza!

Bossk’s paint is actually pretty good all around.  Unfortunately he does have a little issue with his left eye being slightly lazy.  The tiny bit of laziness really makes him look goofy though.  In a way that is fine since Bossk is goofy, but on the other hand I’ve had terrible luck with Hasbro eyes.  I almost prefer if every character was like the Ninja Turtles or Animated Batman and just had solid white eyes.  It’s a lot harder to screw those ones up!

Hasbro Star Wars Black Six Inch Bossk

I was disappointed to find out that his head isn’t removable.  Not only would I have loved to have a Bossk head, but that space suit body is pretty great as well.

Hasbro Star Wars Black Six Inch Bossk

These days I have no clue where people actually come upon Star Wars Black figures.  I’ve been staring at the same set of Slave Leia figures at my local Target for the past two years.  I wanted a Bossk though so I went the Amazon route and it worked out pretty well.  In fact he’s still available right now, so grab him while you can!  It seems like Walgreens and Amazon are the only places Star Wars Black figures exist.

Hasbro Star Wars Black Six Inch Bossk

Overall I like him, but I don’t love him.  That seems to be the story with this Star Wars series for me.  I’m able to pick and choose within the line, but nothing ever really screams “must have” to me.



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  1. I only want a Boba Fett but cannot find him anywhere — except the SDCC exclusive which showed up in Myer (kind of like Macy’s) over here. $150 is waaaaay too much to pay for that figure.

    Bossk looks cool, and if I could find a Fett at a reasonable price I’d get him — but not as a standalone.

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