Figma Silent Hill 2 Red Pyramid Thing

Figma Silent Hill 2 Red Pyramid Thing Review

Silent Hill 2 is probably the benchmark for which other Silent Hill games are judged.  It reached a level of writing, atmosphere, and design that Konami was just never able to capture in subsequent sequels.  I understand that fourteen years may be too soon, but I’ll probably end up spoiling parts of the game throughout this review.

The Red Pyramid Thing, also known as “Pyramid Head,” is one of the most memorable survival horror monsters ever created.  It pops up constantly throughout the game stalking your character, and killing others but falling just short of killing the main character James (at least if you are doing it right, he’ll still kill you if you stand around).  The Pyramid Head doesn’t talk and has no face.  As all monsters in Silent Hill, the Pyramid Head is an invention of James’ psyche.  It represents the main character’s wishes to be punished for killing his wife.

Figma Silent Hill 2 Red Pyramid Thing

Maybe last year was the first we had heard about the Pyramid Head figure?  Good Smile was showing it off at either Toy Fair or New York Comic Con; I forget which.  But it was exciting news!  One of the creepiest villains in video game history getting the plastic treatment?  Sign me up!  On top of that it’s being put out by Figma, so we know there will be a nice amount of accessories and articulation.

Why am I talking about the announcement of the figure?  It’s out!  I have it.  Shut up about the back story, Jon, and let’s get into the toy! Fair enough.

Figma Silent Hill 2 Red Pyramid Thing

Red Pyramid Thing comes in the typical Figma box with a lovely dark red and black motif.  Inside you have a heavy dose of accessories including four additional sets of hands, alternate neck piece, spear handle, spear head, giant knife, stand, and baggy.  The neck piece threw me off when I first got the figure.  I understood what the point of it was: (spoiler incoming) the Pyramid Heads at the end of the game kill themselves by sticking a spear into their necks.  However the thing came with something that looked like a ball joint plugged into it.  The head wouldn’t fit with that dumb thing in there.  God forbid I read the enclosed instructions, or I would have realized sooner it was just a plug to keep the neck hole from shrinking while in storage.  I pulled it out and now I have a correctly working suicide variant of Red Pyramid Thing.

Figma Silent Hill 2 Red Pyramid Thing

The detail on the figure is pretty incredible.  I find the brain matter under his pyramid dome to be so realistic that it’s almost disturbing.  Even the little details like the nail stuck in the back of his exposed brain mullet are there.  His pyramid also has a pretty nice range of motion, especially for being a giant triangle head.

Figma Silent Hill 2 Red Pyramid Thing

His smock has a few interesting design elements to it.  It closes up at the bottom between his legs, so you can’t sneak any hot Pyramid Head up-skirt photos.  However both of his legs are fully articulated and free to pose because they used a layering technique to make the clothing look seamless.  It’s actually a technique that the Star Wars Black team over at Hasbro should have looked into for their Emperor figure.  I guess that’s why Star Wars figures cost $20 and Figmas cost around $35 … wait, there really isn’t that much difference in price?  What the hell?

Figma Silent Hill 2 Red Pyramid Thing

As a stand alone figure, the Red Pyramid Thing is great!  Unfortunately I don’t have too many video game figures in the Figma five-inch scale.  Pyramid head was always a bit of a loner, so I’m sure he’ll get along fine until next year when the Bubble Head nurses become available.  I don’t often do Figma, but if they want to keep doing Silent Hill figures I’m right there with them.  Pyramid Head turned out better than I could have ever expected.  He’s also a fitting send-off to the death of Konami! (I know they aren’t really dead, but they are doing a good job of destroying themselves)

Figma Silent Hill 2 Red Pyramid Thing

He really is a pretty solid deal at roughly $45 shipped from Japan.  You will pay a bit more domestically, but it can be had from Entertainment Earth.  I don’t see any up on Amazon currently, but the figure is just hitting US shores now so that should change.



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  1. The Bubble Head Nurse is available for pre-order now from most Japanese retailers. She comes out in October.

    1. Excellent! I actually just saw them as well when I went to put in my preorder for Road Rage. Now I need to decide if I want one or two?

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