Funko Marvel Collector Corps Ant-Man June Box

Funko Marvel Collector Corps Ant-Man June Box Review

I’m not a big fan of mystery boxed things.  I’ve avoided the Loot Crates and Comic Con in a Box stuff because most of the time those boxes are just filled with the cheap crap you’d get in a freebie bag.  I’ve been to enough conventions in my life that a drink-cozy, patch, or pin no longer excite me.  So why on earth did I go in on Funko’s Marvel Collector Corps?  I’m not sure.  I bought the first box for a buddy of mine’s birthday and he seemed to enjoy it.  So I figured I’d give the second month a try!

Funko Marvel Collector Corps Ant-Man June Box

These boxes get released on a bi-monthly basis and June’s box carries an Ant-Man theme to celebrate (or more likely to promote) the movie hitting theaters in a couple weeks.  I don’t have any high hopes for the film, but I sure am going to buy some figures from it.  Even though I don’t really collect much Marvel Funko stuff I kind of like the idea of the specifically themed mystery box.

But anyways, here is the contents of the box:

1x Ant-Man POP! – Unmasked with exclusive TEENY TINY Ant-Man POP!
2x Ant-Man Mystery Mini Blind Boxes – Chance at four different figures

1x Ant-Man Pin
1x Ant-Man Patch
1x Ant-Man T-Shirt
1x Ant-Man #005 Collector Corps Variant Cover

Honestly, in my case you can cut that list off after the second item.  I’m really not in it for any of the comics or flair, I just want to the figures.  I suppose I can use the shirt on occasion, but it’s not usually my thing to wear superhero themed clothing.

So how is the POP! figure?  It’s pretty cool.  Basically, it’s an unmasked Ant-Man with a pack-in of an extra tiny masked version of the character.  With last month’s being a giant Hulkbuster I was guessing (slightly hoping) it might be Ant-Man riding a big ant similar to their car plus driver sets they put out.  But alas it was a little bit smaller.

Since Ant-Man is a smaller figure than last month they upped the little things you get.  Instead of the Ultron Adorb there are TWO Ant-Man Mystery Minis.  Now I could see this causing some people to get upset since I’ll assume this series is Collector Corps exclusive.  So if you have one box you will only get two of the four total characters.  There is a one in four possibility to get Ant-Man, black Ant-Man, unmasked Ant-Man, or Yellowjacket.  I was hoping for black Ant-Man and Yellowjacket.  I pulled the normal and black versions, so while not my ideal pull I was still satisfied.

Funko Marvel Collector Corps Ant-Man June Box

So is the Collector Corps worth it?  Yes and no.  I want the toys out of the pack so you’d have to factor I used about $22 worth of value (one POP! at $10 and two Mystery Mini’s at around $6 each) of the box.  There are still the patches and pins that I don’t use.  However, the stuff I don’t like isn’t nearly as offensive as some pop-culture start up’s air freshener that gets sent out with other crate services.  I paid a total of $32 shipped for the box, and I think I’m gonna continue to see what next month brings.  Being bi-monthly definitely seems like the right pace for this type of thing, and that definitely aids in keeping me on board as well.

Funko Marvel Collector Corps Ant-Man June Box

So what’s the August box going to be?  Fantastic Four movie comes out that month but I think we all know better that a FF box isn’t happening.  Marvel is currently pretending the Fantastic Four don’t exist.

PS: I hope the Fantastic Four movie does well, a sequel is greenlit, and the Fantastic Four stay out of Disney’s grubby hands.


2 thoughts on “Funko Marvel Collector Corps Ant-Man June Box Review”

  1. Looking at how much the Hulkbuster POP is re-selling for, I wish I had just gone in and invested in it — I’m a big POP collector, and that one is quite the prize. But like yourself I’m not so keen on the blind-boxed concept.

    1. Oh wow I didn’t even notice he was going for so much! Maybe I’ll track one down one of these days, but I’m in no hurry right now 🙂

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