NECA Alien Series 4 Dallas (Compression Suit) Review

I feel a sense of accomplishment now that I have a review of Dallas up!  Often times I go into a new wave of figures and review the ones I like the most, and then put off the rest of the wave until too much time passed and I just don’t care anymore.  Obviously the Ripley figures in this wave are my clear favorites, but it’s probably unfair to toss Dallas aside.  I mean come on, we have an action figure of Tom Skerritt!  Another member of the Nostromo crew to check off the list.

It’s kind of funny how Dallas just came in under the radar.  If he was in any other point in the line it would have probably been a highlight, but he was placed in a wave with two versions of Ripley.  So unfortunately for him he gets relegated to third place by default.  It will be interesting to see if they ever put him in a jumpsuit.  I understand that Dallas is a super-cool character.  In fact he even gets top billing on IMDB!  But I’m going to guess that NECA isn’t in a hurry to tool a new body unless they can get a couple more Alien characters.  We already know (pending miracle) that Kane and Ash are definitely not going to happen.  That leaves us with Lambert, Brett, and Parker.

You could probably fudge a body to share between Parker and Dallas, but it would take a good amount of tweaking since the actors are different heights.  You also don’t want to fall into the trap Mattel did with their Ghostbusters figures.  Trying to reuse bodies to a fault and ultimately making the main cast inaccurate and bland.  We still have ourselves a bunch of Ripley figures, a version of Dallas, a faceless version of Kane, and a couple of Jonesies so I can’t complain too much.  I’m not going to be upset if the crew is never complete.  Toy collecting is an exercise in letting your need to complete teams go.

NECA Alien Series 4 Dallas Compression Suit

Back to Dallas.  I really like the pink suit, in fact I think it is my favorite deco of all of the Nostromo suits.  Like Ripley, his suit has no issues with wet paint.  The head sculpt is really strong.  The paint details on this wave have been above and beyond typical NECA fare.  The paint is so clean on his face with all of the detail in the right spot.  The combination of the sculpt texture and paint work on his hood makes it look almost life-like.  All they really needed to do for this release is make a good head, and they pulled it off.

NECA Alien Series 4 Dallas Compression Suit

I’m not stupid, I understand most people buying into Alien wave 4 are there for Ripley.  However I think it would be silly to pass up poor Dallas, especially when he’s only around $20 to buy.  I’ve mentioned in the Ripley reviews that this wave has been hitting retail the past few weeks, but you can also grab him off Amazon if need be.

NECA Alien Series 4 Dallas Compression Suit


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