Storm Collectibles Mortal Kombat NYCC 2015

NYCC 2015: Storm Collectibles Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter

Storm Collectibles, a company best known for their wide selection of Dennis Rodman 1/6 figures had quite a few surprises for us at New York Comic Convention 2015!  First, was the announcement of a 1/12 scale (or six-inch) line of classic Mortal Kombat figures.  Yes, I thought Mezco actually had the license to do these.  Apparently I was wrong and they appear to only be concentrating on the new game.  Storm Collectibles showed prototypes for three figures; two we’d expect to see in any Mortal Kombat line and one that is a bit more of a surprise!

Sub Zero:



Now I’m not the biggest Mortal Kombat fan in the world, but that Goro is an amazing looking figure!  The construction of the multiple arms is incredible.  I’m very interested to see what price point these figures will be sold at.  It looks as though Bluefin will be the distributor for this line, so they should not be too hard to find at release.

Storm Collectibles Street Fighter 5 NYCC 2015

It’s also worth mentioning that Storm plans on doing a six-inch Street Fighter 5 action figure series.  No prototypes were shown, but if the effort is anything like their Mortal Kombat line we should be in for a treat!

Hopefully this success will eventually get us what we really want: a six-inch Dennis Rodman figure!


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  1. These figs look good — I’d say better than the Mezco ones, which are sculpted nicely but don’t have amazing paint and lack a bit of articulation. But I’ll wait till I see them in hand 🙂

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