DCC Batman the Animated Series Harley Quinn

DCC Batman the Animated Series 12 Harley Quinn Review

I’ve been behind on my DC Collectibles Animated Batman figures.  In fact, today my comic store called in order to let me know that I had five of them waiting for me.  Yes, five of them: BTAS Batman, BTAS Riddler, NBA Robin, NBA Batgirl, and BTAS Harley Quinn.  Out of all of these figures I was most excited about Harley Quinn so she got bumped right up to the “immediate review” position.

While I was snapping shots of the packaging I came to the realization that it is a bit pointless to look at the back of the box.  It’s the same picture every time.  So why should I bother to document it?  I feel like I need the picture to be there.  This review feels incomplete without it.  It’s also a good case study as to where my comic shop prefers to put their “$24.99” sticker.  It’s almost in the same place every time.  Interesting, no?

DCC Batman the Animated Series Harley Quinn

Harley comes packaged in the usual red “Batman: the Animated Series” packaging that all prior releases were encased in.  She’s a little light on the accessories compared to other figures in this series.  Harley includes a stand, four extra hands, a gun, and a fish.  It’s a pretty basic accessory assortment in comparison to what they usually include.  The hands cover all bases so she has two hands for holding things, two straight out hands, and two fists.  To match up to her costume they are color coded by red being right and black is left.

I wanted to be excited about Harley.  I enjoyed her on the show, so naturally a decent figure would complete me.  I will not be complete, however, because she has some rather annoying issues.  DC Collectibles needs to handle the legs better on these toys.  I had a similar problem with Two-Face where I had to position his legs in an awkward stance to keep him standing up.  Harley has the same issue because her left foot is facing in at a pretty large angle, and there is no way to fix this because her legs do not have a single swivel.

DCC Batman the Animated Series Harley Quinn

I’m not sure if the warping is just part of the sculpt or that I got a dud.  Regardless, a single swivel at the upper leg or ankle would enable me to fix it a bit.  But she has none of these.  Her feet are on rocker joints which does help out a bit with balancing, but when she’s standing her foot still faces inward and it looks totally unnatural.  It’s times like these I pull out the Duke Nukem bust … for female figures that can barely stand on their own.

DCC Batman the Animated Series Harley Quinn

No, I will not use the stand either!  I’ve said this in every DCC review that these stands are far to much effort for how non functional they really are.

The only other complaint I have with Harley is her neck.  I wish it had a little better range of motion so that she could look up or down more.  Her paint is pretty good.  There is a little bleed in certain areas, but for the most part it is crisp and applied correctly.

DCC Batman the Animated Series Harley Quinn

Harley should be hitting comic and specialty shops today.  If you can’t make it to any of those places, Amazon also has her available to ship as of November 14.  At this point I think most collectors know what to expect as far as quality control with this line.  If you are able it is probably better to inspect the figure before you take it home.  Keep an eye out for weird feet that face inward and avoid them.  Hopefully, mine was just an isolated case.  Of course, I have to admit that she is probably one of the figures that disappointed me most in this line, not counting the ones that broke.  She just could have been so much better with a few more accessories and better constructed legs.

My love-hate relationship with DCC’s animated Batman line continues …

DCC Batman the Animated Series Harley Quinn



1 thought on “DCC Batman the Animated Series 12 Harley Quinn Review”

  1. It’s a shame, she’s a cool-looking figure. But I cannot stand those hip-hinges on female characters. Some may disagree, but to me it ruins the whole vibe of the figure, even if it’s functional. They’ve even given it to the upcoming Zatanna, who really shouldn’t have it, considering her costume.

    Presumably this line is going to get expanded into a JLA or wider DCAU line at some point soon — I’m hoping they figure out a better way to engineer it.

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