Takara TOMY Masterpiece Tracks MP-25

Transformers Masterpiece MP-25 Tracks Review

New Masterpiece Transformers, and especially the unique molds are a time for celebration!  This year we’ve gotten a few great new MP figures including Star Saber, Bumblebee, and now Tracks.  Tracks hit a little bit of a delay, being his original release date was supposed to be October, but it was only a month.  Tracks’ remold, Road Rage, also got pushed back a month and should he arriving in December.  Once 2016 starts, get ready for the Masterpiece line to kick into gear as we have a new release every month through April.  And this is only what has been officially solicited … we haven’t even heard what the deal with MP Primal, Ramjet, or any of the other rumored figures like Hound or Galvatron.

Tracks is a very slick looking figure in both his robot, Corvette, or flying Corvette mode.  I’m absolutely over the moon with how nice he looks, but I also can’t ignore a few issues I ran into with his construction.  My biggest issue is with his forearms.  First, the proportions are off and they look really gangley.  Second is that the elbow joint can barely hit a 90 degree angle.  It’s not terribly limiting, but there are definitely some key poses I go for that he can not hit.  I feel like they could have sacrificed a small part of the forearm’s length to accommodate a double elbow, and that would have made a huge difference.

I’ve heard a lot about the hollowness of Tracks’ upper body, so I was already prepared before getting him.  In all honesty it doesn’t bug me that much.  It would have probably been a lot fuller had the figure not needed the backpack to go up over his head.  It’s a signature part of Tracks, so they obviously aren’t going to omit it.  That would be like releasing Tracks in yellow first … what mad person would do such a thing?

Takara TOMY Masterpiece Tracks MP-25

I wonder if they’ll ever do a yellow MP Tracks to commemorate that confusing Binaltech release?

Takara TOMY Masterpiece Tracks MP-25

The transformation is pretty nice!  It took me one run-through to memorize it, so it wasn’t terribly hard.  It clicked with me a lot better than the Wheeljack/Exhaust transformation ever did.  The chest is a bit of a pain in the ass because there are a lot of small moving parts to put it all together, and when you do move them it is very easy for tabs to come out.  I found that the spinning Autobot symbol on mine’s chest is REALLY loose.  It will lock in but if I breathe on the thing it will turn.

You will also notice that when he is in car mode his head is very visible.  Tinting the windows may have helped this, but I’m kind of used to seeing “parts” through Transformer’s windows.  They need to pack a lot in there, so if I have to see a head or hand I’ll deal with it.

Takara TOMY Masterpiece Tracks MP-25

Tracks comes packaged with a nice selection of accessories including Raoul, Blaster, Black Beam Gun, a display stand, and the left and right side mirrors.  If you have any of the other humans that have come packed with other Masterpiece Transformers then you’ll know what to expect with Raoul.  He’s a little more simple than most, being that he has no articulation.  But he does boast a pretty decent paint job.  The Blaster is scaled to Raoul, similar to the Megatron rifle that was included with MP Soundwave.  What I really hope is that this is a clue to an upcoming MP Blaster release.  I know you have a lot lined up for 2016 TakaraTOMY, but we could always use more tape-playing robots (and their tapes)!

Tracks is a pretty great figure.  He’s certainly not one of the best, but I would never call him a misstep.  His car mode, flying car mode, and robot mode all look fantastic.  There are definitely a few issues with his tabbing and the functionality of his arms.  But in all honesty I can look past those when I have what I would absolutely consider a masterpiece version of Tracks on my shelf.  I preordered him many moons ago for around $50, but looking over Amazon the prices aren’t that bad right now.

Takara TOMY Masterpiece Tracks MP-25

He probably won’t win a “best figure of the year” award, especially in the year Star Saber came out!  But Tracks is a superb next entry in the TakaraTOMY Transformers Masterpiece line.

Takara TOMY Masterpiece Tracks MP-25


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