Marvel Legends Spider-Man Series Spider-Gwen Review

The first Marvel Legends wave of 2016 actually got to me in 2015!  It was a pretty exciting to welcome in the new year with a fresh case of new Marvel Legends.  Spider-Gwen is one of seven characters who make up the Absorbing Man build-a-figure wave.

We were informed by Hasbro back at New York Comic Con that they hedged their bets that the Spider-Gwen costume would be a hit and fast-tracked the figure to release.  I don’t mean fast-tracked in the sense that the figure was rushed.  Hasbro just didn’t wait to see if the costume/character would be a hit with fans, instead they went directly into development.  Since it takes about a year to go from idea to the shelf Gwen is probably one of the quickest comic costumes to go action figure.

Gwen comes with least exciting and most optional part of the Absorbing Man build-a-figure, his ball and chain.  It’s the same one that was included with Thunderball and Piledriver (I’d link their reviews but they are almost four years old, and the pictures are probably dead due to site crashes) but with a different paint job.  It’s a fairly garbage accessory since it doesn’t have any moving parts.  I’d be happy to never see it again.  But I’m going to guess Hasbro is well aware that people want Gwen, so including that part with her was a pretty savvy move.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Spider-Gwen Spider-Man Review

Besides the build-a-figure part Gwen also includes an alternate unhooded head as well an optional “down” hood that falls over her back.  The hoods work surprisingly well.  The whole point of the over-the-head one is so that inside pattern is exposed.  Credit where credit is due, the hood is better than 90% of the toy hoods out there.  Even S.H. Figuarts couldn’t get it right with Kylo Ren.  Well done Hasbro on both accounts.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Spider-Gwen Spider-Man Review

Spider-Gwen has a pretty packed bubble, but if I was to request one more part it would be alternate hands.  They didn’t do bad, she has a “thwip” right hand and fisted left.  However, I’d have liked the option for double fists or double “thwip” hands.  Her unmasked head is pretty decent if you don’t mind the completely neutral look she is giving.  I wouldn’t have been opposed to giving the head a little more personality.  Maybe a smile or something?  It’s not a huge deal since I’m most likely always going to display her masked.  The extra head is also great for customizers who may want to make a “civilian” Gwen Stacy.

A big part of making a successful Spider-Gwen figure is the focus on the clean paints and lines.  The under-arm and under-hood webbing is very clean with minimal slop or bleed.  The fading pink around her eyes are also very well done despite a couple black specks of paint on the figure I opened.  The Hasbro female Marvel Legends body is about as good as it gets.  She’s decently articulated, stands up fine, and looks great.  There really isn’t much to complain about with this release.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Spider-Gwen Spider-Man Review

An argument could be made that Spider-Gwen is getting the Roman Reigns push in the Marvel Universe.  Maybe the character should have some time to develop before being pushed into the spotlight.  I’m not the best judge on that front because I usually wait six months to a year to read the books after everyone else tells me what is good or not.  However, the design is killer.  It should be an action figure and I’m happy Hasbro got this one out to us so quick!

Gwen and the rest of her compatriots are JUST starting to hit stores, both online and not.  I’ve heard reports of Toys ‘R’ Us getting the wave in sporadically, but it’s also worth checking Amazon just to be sure.  If you are into ordering cases, Entertainment Earth will be getting theirs in this month and they offer free shipping!  There are lots of options out there and it’s still early so never fret, you will eventually find the Gwen you were looking for.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Spider-Gwen Spider-Man Review


2 thoughts on “Marvel Legends Spider-Man Series Spider-Gwen Review”

  1. I’m not a big Marvel Legends collector but I’d definitely pick up Spider-Gwen if I saw her in stores. Hasbro is really beefing their Marvel stuff up lately with lots of nice extras.

    Last year at Charlotte NC’s Heroes-Con I was amazed to see so many Spider Gwen cosplays! While Deadpool and Harley Quinn have been the top two for years now it seems that Gwen was absolutely the third most prominent and popular this past year.

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