Takara MP-27 Masterpiece Ironhide Review

Transformers Masterpiece MP-27 Ironhide Review

I think it is safe to say that pre-release Ironhide had a pretty sizable amount of people worried.  He looks oddly proportioned and there are a few aspects of him including the hips that don’t photograph well.  Having never bought Megatron, the Masterpiece line has never really let me down so I was willing to take the “wait and see” approach.  Not that there was any chance that I wasn’t going to buy Ironhide, but having him in hand I am so glad I own him.  He’s such a fun mold and they gave him so many accessories to mess around with.

When I first got my shipping quote for MP-27, I was a bit concerned that EMS shipping had gone up in price.  Little did I know his box was about twice the size of a typical car-bot release.  On top of that it’s so heavy because it’s completely packed with accessories.  Unlike Soundwave’s box where they really could have compacted things to save space, everything is jammed into Ironhide’s box nice and tight.

Takara MP-27 Masterpiece Ironhide Review

Hopefully I get this list completely correct, he comes with: an alternate crying face, two laser pistols, a static laser gun, missile launcher, an anti-flier missile, utility sensor, liquid shooter hands, liquid shooter nozzles, liquid shooter barrels, a jetpack with flame effects, a sled to put all the accessories on, and a paper chest readout effect.

Yes, Ironhide has an absurd amount of accessories.  To the point that it was overwhelming to me when I first opened him.  Instead of getting myself all worked up with the accessories I went right to transforming him, and let me tell you it was a blast!  It’s a simple transformation where all the paneling makes total sense.  It is also pretty fun to stop midway so that he’s just a van with a head and arms.  Usually it takes me a couple tries before I really get a transformation to stick in my memory, but this one popped right away.  I’m amazed at how giant Ironhide can fold up so seamlessly into his van mode.

His color is very bright and vibrant in vehicle mode, but once I had him in bot-mode the red looks so nice.  I’m half tempted to go back and get that Red Bumblebee I skipped.  The paint and detailing is clean and defined, especially in the face plates where it really counts.  I do have a slight chrome scuff on the right corner of Ironhide’s bumper, but it’s mostly out of sight so it doesn’t bother me too much.

Takara MP-27 Masterpiece Ironhide Review

Sure, the proportions are slightly awkward at first but it took no time for my brain to accept it.  The cartoon accurate hips combined with the van front making up his chest is what really throws things off.  Because of the shape of it, my mind wants the waist to end at the bumper of the van.  Since the entire waist piece is right below that it throws my ability to read proportions completely off.  Maybe he does have a slightly taller upper body than most, but I was plagued with the same problem.  I’m a freakish human who has a slightly longer torso than normal, so if I shrink my shirts I’m in trouble.  I finally had to come to terms with this when my wife came home with shirts from one of those big and tall stores.  On a personal level I understand Ironhide’s struggle.

I won’t hate on your proportions.  You are beautiful, brother!  Look at that tire-butt too.

Another area Ironhide exceeds expectations in is range of motion.  His shoulders are pretty much free to move anywhere, which makes posing him with all of his guns and extra hands a blast.  Same with the head.  It’s completely unrestricted so he has a the full range of the ball joint.  I was just lamenting over how much I loved the new ankles on Filmation He-Man from Mattel the other day.  Ankle rockers are one of my favorite joints on an action figure, and Ironhide has a great set of them.  Nothing is better than being able to always have a figure’s feet flush with the ground no matter the pose.

A new Masterpiece mold can be a scary thing.  However, something they have consistently done is make them more interesting and fun every single time.  Ironhide is no different.  He’s probably one of the most beautiful MP transformers I have in my collection.  I’m sure part of it is the amazing cherry red finish, but he’s also just a great looking robot.  He has a ton of personality and more accessories than I could have ever wished a transforming robot to come with.  I couldn’t be more pleased.

Takara MP-27 Masterpiece Ironhide Review

Ironhide is not available in the US currently but is always available to import.  You could also try your hand at the domestic route via Amazon which might be a bit more pricey, but the option is always there.




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