Hasbro Marvel Legends Civil War Nick Fury Captain America Review

Marvel Legends Civil War Giant Man Series Nick Fury Review

Prior to the actual reveal of this wave there was a rumored list going around that included Nick Fury.  I had two thoughts on this, “I really hope this isn’t another Sam Jackson Fury on that awful coated body,” and “there is no way they’d put white Nick Fury in a movie wave.”  Well I’m glad to be right about the first and wrong about the second!  With all the shit that was flung towards Hasbro about not making enough Star Wars Rey toys, I figured they might shy away from releases that had the possibility to be misconstrued as ill intended.  There is always that chance that this release could be mistaken as whitewashing the MCU version of Fury, especially in a movie wave.  I suppose it helps ease that sentiment with Toys ‘R’ Us still swimming in three-packs containing the Sam Jackson version of Fury.

We’ve had three different Nick Fury releases in Marvel Legends, and I’m hard pressed to find any of them in storage so I more than likely sold them.  The original release was in 2003 with Toybiz’s Marvel Legends series five.  Six years later we got another Caucasian Nick in the Toys ‘R’ Us exclusive two-packs, and he also included a helmeted head to make a more generic SHIELD soldiers.

When Nick was announced I got curious as to what he’s been up to since he’s pretty much been replaced by his Sam Jackson doppelganger in the comic world as well.  What I did not expect was that he has become the new Watcher, going by the name The Unseen as a punishment for all the atrocities he committed trying to protect earth.  And he looks quite a bit different from what I was used to or even expected.  Would it be wrong to say I would like a figure of The Unseen now?

Hasbro Marvel Legends Civil War Nick Fury Captain America Review

Hasbro has been great about including multiple heads with their releases of late.  Nick Fury is similar to last year’s Chameleon release because the body is so generic that it can include three different heads.  The heads are Nick Fury, Dirk Anger, and a generic helmeted SHIELD agent.  Who is Dirk Anger, you ask?  Well he is basically an over the top parody of Nick Fury from the Nextwave universe and comic series.  I’ve been meaning to read Nextwave, so getting this head with the figure has reminded me to put the series in my Unlimited library (yeah, I went and got it … thanks everyone who gave me feedback!).  Dirk is a pretty obscure name to get an action figure dedicated to himself, so a swappable head release is the perfect spot for him.  That Hasbro Marvel team really digs the tongue-in-cheek story lines, you can tell from the stuff they’ve snuck into the line like Dirk and Silvermane.

While Nick comes with a plethora of heads, he doesn’t come with much else.  The only other accessories are a little dinky pistol and a Giant Man arm.  The pistol can be holstered on his leg.  I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little disappointed in the lack of non-head accessories.  The helmeted SHIELD agent deserves a nice sniper or assault rifle.  Thankfully I have more accessories in my house than I’d ever know what to do with, so I can outfit him in some way.  I’ll probably also grab a couple more of these when I find them at retail to get a dedicated Dirk and SHIELD agent.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Civil War Nick Fury Captain America Review

So how does this SHIELD body compare to the ones that were part of the Toys ‘R’ Us two packs of 2009?  It probably comes down to preference, but there are a few stand out aspects of each.  The old figure is a lot more basic as far as paint goes.  Back then Hasbro wasn’t coating the figures much of a paint wash, but the new one has a nice wash over all of its straps.  New Nick loses the removable pistol on the chest holster.  While the plastic on the new Fury feels a little more gummy, I find that I like the build and shape of the better.  The ball shoulders and hips of the earlier release are a little too large for my liking, so I’m glad Hasbro has mostly moved away from that design choice.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Civil War Nick Fury Captain America Review

It’s good to have old Nick back!  I have nothing against Sam except the awful mold they use for him.  But I’m a big fan of this release.  Similar to the situation with Chameleon, Hasbro had a body that could accommodate a lot of heads. So they decided to include a great pair of characters that would probably never get a single carded release to join Fury.  This figure was one of the characters in the Giant Man wave that I was most looking forward to, and in almost every respect it didn’t disappoint.  Had they added a couple more accessories this would have been a near perfect release.

I’m an impatient person and picked these figures up early.  I’m honestly not sure when solicitations for preorder of this wave go out, but I would keep an eye on Amazon for something to pop up in due time.  I’d imagine they want to release these a little closer to the movie, at least in the states.

Edit: This wave is now up by the case on Entertainment Earth!


2 thoughts on “Marvel Legends Civil War Giant Man Series Nick Fury Review”

  1. Cool review! Yeah I can’t wait till these pop up in stores! Yeah I’m black myself but I’m always gonna see my comic Fury as a caucasian dude Lol. Neat to see the extra heads but I hope the release enough of these because of the army building aspect and not short pack them like the Hydra or Aim soldiers.

    1. Thank you! He’ll be one per case since the breakout is one of every figure except Iron Man and Captain America, which there will be two of. I’m definitely picking up a couple more once these hit retail.

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