Hasbro Marvel Legends Civil War Nuke Captain America Review

Marvel Legends Civil War Giant Man Series Nuke Review

It’s been a long time coming, but Nuke finally debuts in Hasbro’s Marvel Legends action figure line!  Back in 2009 at San Diego Comic Convention we got our first look at what a Nuke action figure could be when Hasbro mocked up a bunch of figures for a fan vote.  A lot of figures from that display have been made since then, but Nuke, Jamie Madrox, and Bag-head Spider-Man were some of my most wanted that never saw plastic.  I can officially scratch Nuke off that list, and move on to stumping even harder for bag-head Spidey and Madrox.

Nuke is definitely one of those figures that feel like you are getting a $20 value.  He’s large, has a build-a-figure part, and a nice collection of accessories.  He comes packaged with a knife, rifle, alternate head, and Giant Man’s torso.  You can probably consider his vest an accessory since it is removable for maximum shirtless knife fight capability!  The back of the vest even has a holster for the knife.  The only accessory that really disappointed me was the rifle.  It’s basically just a repaint, and on top of that Nuke doesn’t have any trigger fingers.

I would have loved it if we got the giant chain-gun and ammo straps that the original mock up included.  Before I relegate him to a permanent display spot I’m going to try out a few mini-guns and flamethrowers to see what he looks best holding.

However, the real standout accessory with Nuke is his alternate head.  It’s a bald head with half of the face ripped off, revealing his cybernetic enhanced skull.  I’m not even exaggerating when I say this is easily one of the best sculpted and painted heads that Marvel Legends has ever done.  The detail around the ripped skin along with the clean paint work of the American flag around it take this head sculpt to the next level.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Civil War Nuke Captain America Review

Those big bulky villains have always been a favorite of mine.  One of my all-time favorites was Crossbones from the Ares series with a special mention to most of the Wrecking Crew members.  Nuke really scratches that “big bad guy” itch I get from time to time.  I’m also pretty happy that they have scrapped the Hulkling body and moved on to a modified version of the Hyperion mold.  The lower body appears to be newly made for Nuke and it looks and works great.

I have a few minor nitpicks with Nuke, but overall he’s a GREAT Marvel Legend figure and a much needed villain who hasn’t seen plastic before.  He’s always been a cool looking character in the comics, but now he may have a new fan base since he will most likely be a recurring character (although slightly reinvented with a new names and all) in the Jessica Jones Netflix series.  This is the type of release that keeps me excited about collecting Marvel Legends.  That extra head is just so good!  Nuke is a great toy in an excellent wave.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Civil War Nuke Captain America Review

Yes, I admit I’m gushing quite a bit about this wave.  Give it time, though, I haven’t gotten to Captain America yet!

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  1. Great review of the Nuke figure. I’m looking into securing one on EBay currently. I also like you am somewhat disappointed in the lack of heavy weapon accessory included with the figure. The gun he comes with is a bit too silly for my taste. As a fellow collector I have to ask, where did you source the Minigun pictured with Nuke? I think it’s perfect size and scale for him and I’d like to see if I could track one down myself. Thanks a lot.

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