Mattel MOTUC Anti-Eternia He-Man Review

Mattel MOTUC Anti-Eternia He-Man Review

I’m a sucker for an all black evil palette swap, so naturally when Anti-Eternia He-Man was revealed I felt such a lust for revenge … WHO?!

Until he was announced, I had no clue that this character was something that even existed.  He originated from an audio show, eh?  A German audio show.  Okay now this is making a little more sense.  Those Deutschlanders love themselves some He-Man; bless their German hearts and their affection for that man.

Masters of the Universe Classics – Anti-Eternia He-Man
Release Date: 04/14/2016 (2016 ‘Chase’ Variant)
Price: $30.00

Since I can’t be the only one new to Anti-Eternia He-Man, here is some background on the character provided by Mattycollector (since the bios no longer appear on the figure’s card backs):

He-Man? Nope, he isn’t! This almost doppelganger is the ruler of a dark mirror world called Anti-Eternia. Summoned by Skeletor via his World Converter, the evil interloper might just be the most dangerous threat to Eternia yet. Anti-Eternia He-Man comes with his evil power sword, shield, battle axe, and an additional sword and shield set.

Anti-Eternia He-Man is going to be our “chase” figure for this year.  A chase figure for a line you can only buy online?  Yes, I understand it’s a really stupid concept.  However, we’ve been doing it for three years now and I’m just about numb to it.  Mattel at least did offer subscription holders a chance at the figure during early access last month.  It sold out in a matter of minutes, but some of us (like me!) got through.

Mattel MOTUC Anti-Eternia He-Man Review

The Mattel idea of an online chase figure is that Anti-Eternia He-Man will randomly show up on sale at Mattycollector for a short period of time throughout the year.  Unfortunately the higher cost is already baked into the offering since he costs $30 as his base price before shipping.  In the end, the absolute lowest price you will probably get this figure for is about $43 dollars since Mattycollector shipping and taxes ain’t cheap.  But that’s part of the FUN of a chase figure!

Mattel MOTUC Anti-Eternia He-Man Review

One of the exciting aspects of Anti-Eternia He-Man is the packaging.  In Masters of the Universe Classics it isn’t often that we get packaging changes.  Mattel decided to go with a black card motif to match the black He-Man encased inside of it.  It looks great, but I’m well past the time in my life I’d buy a double of this figure to keep carded.  That $30 price tag pretty much confirms I will only own one.

If you are expecting some type of new tooling on this He-Man variant … well, I’m not sure what line you have been collecting these last eight years.  He’s the MOTUC He-Man mold in black.  You are getting exactly that.  However, he does come with a healthy collection of accessories!  The figure comes packed with black versions of the standard He-Man power sword, axe, and shield.  In addition to the usual He-Man fare he also includes a black Alcala sword and Castle Grayskullman’s shield.

Mattel MOTUC Anti-Eternia He-Man Review

While I enjoy the absurdity of an all-blue evil He-Man actually having the ability to fool people into thinking he’s the real thing, this all evil black He-Man is a real badass villain.  The price is a little higher than I would have liked to pay, but the color scheme is so sharp and he has a great set of accessories that make the package a bit more worthwhile.  He’s a gorgeous looking toy.  As far as repaints go, he’s up there in obscurity and “cool” factor.

Mattel MOTUC Anti-Eternia He-Man Review

As I mentioned prior, Anti-Eternia He-Man will be available random times through out the year.  If you are feeling impatient give Amazon a try … but I have to warn you it won’t be cheap.


2 thoughts on “Mattel MOTUC Anti-Eternia He-Man Review”

  1. dathen lamont holley

    Masters of the universe supporter since a boy…but I don’t like they made a black he man and made him evol..
    He looks very nice but as a long time supporter and as a black man this really offended me. Especially know n it was made n China and know n how Chinese look @ black men
    Looks nice but disappointed and offended. And b 4 the negative comment if u r not black then u don’t understand so please ?

    1. That is a weird way to look at him. It is. Colour change. Do you get offended at orange , blue, red characters in he man as well? Weird.

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