Mattel WWE Elite Wave 42 Terminator Triple H Review

Mattel WWE Elite Wave 42 – Triple H (Wrestlemania 2015) Review

Terminator Genisys, like every post Terminator 2 movie, was mostly forgettable.  However, it did give the WWE a chance to do some major cross promotion right in time for Wrestlemania 2015!  Through the movie’s sponsorship of that year’s big event we were finally able to have Arnold Schwarzenegger join Donald Trump in the coveted celebrity wing of the WWE Hall of Fame.  But more importantly, we got some of the greatest and most shameless movie to wrestling cross promotion since WCW sent Robocop to the ring or Damien Sandow dressed up as Magneto.  Triple H came out for his match versus Sting dressed up as a Terminator!

Yes, he indeed looked like this …

Mattel WWE Elite Wave 42 Terminator Triple H Review

Watching this whole Terminator ring entrance go down live was one of the more bizarre and beautiful wrestling moments I’ve ever witnessed.  I instantly came to the realization I need a toy of this on my desk as soon as possible.  I went as far as to tweet the picture to NECA, the current owners of the Terminator action figure license, informing them that Triple H Terminator is now canon and the fans demand an action figure.

They never answered me.  I know, shocking!  Their loss, though, since a little over a year later Mattel comes to the rescue with my number one most wanted entrance attire ever!

My motivation with this figure is two-fold.  Not only did I want Terminator Triple H, but I also wanted Hunter on an elite body.  I certainly got my elite version under that endoskeleton armor, and it’s nice that he really hasn’t updated his look from last year so it can pass as current.  Unfortunately I’m still not totally in love with the Mattel elite body.  It’s absolutely more posable than the basic, but it’s still quite a task getting them into any convincing wrestling holds.  For instance, I’ve been sitting at my desk for an hour trying to have Triple H put Dean Ambrose in a Pedigree, and it isn’t happening.  Don’t worry, I was also watching John Carpenter’s “The Thing” so the hour wasn’t completely wasted.

Mattel WWE Elite Wave 42 Terminator Triple H Review

I’m interested to see how the upcoming Bandai Figuarts handle wrestler articulation schemes.  Wrestling moves don’t all lend well to the restraints of rigid plastic, so I may run into the same problem there.  At least with Figuarts I’ll theoretically have multiple alternate hands to work with.  With Mattel Ive found you mostly end up with open hands that may be too wide to hold a mic or look like a convincing fist.

The Hunter likeness is pretty good!  The only issue I have with it is at certain angles it looks like Triple H and Drake formed together into this head sculpt.  Maybe they sculpted him slightly younger looking in combination with the short hair?  I’ve stared at it so long now trying to figure it out that I’ve mentally convinced myself it’s fine.  So I guess it is!  He also doesn’t look all that enthusiastic about his upcoming match with WWE Hall of Famer (with a singles record of 0-2) Sting.

Mattel WWE Elite Wave 42 Terminator Triple H Review

The entrance gear is the real draw of this figure, and they mostly did it right.  The only real obvious omission is that the cross on the real life gear was black with a silver border.  This one is just straight silver.  And it’s more of a dull silver instead of the shiny metal used at Wrestlemania.

Mattel WWE Elite Wave 42 Terminator Triple H Review

Triple H retails for about $20, which is fairly standard for Mattel WWE Elite figures.  I grabbed mine off Amazon for retail, and he appears to be going in and out of stock.  So check back often if you need some real HHH-Terminator action in your life!


2 thoughts on “Mattel WWE Elite Wave 42 – Triple H (Wrestlemania 2015) Review”

  1. HHH is pretty cool although I have the red and gold suited elite from last year so I’m not sure I need another one right now. If I find him cheaper, though, I’ll gladly pick him up. I do wish the armor had a bit more paint on it but this is a pretty unique look. (I hope we get the skull queen Stephanie from this year’s Wrestlemania, BTW- That was wicked).

    What would be really cool is to have a Terminator figure wear the terminator skull mask here. Remember when Sting was hiding in the audience in a Sting mask? You could do the same thing, but with a Terminator. Terminator in Terminator disguise!!!

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