Top Five E3 Announcements … and Their Chances of Toys!

E3 was this past weekend, and like any good citizen I was watching streams of the various developers’ press conferences.  I figured I’d do something a little different and talk about my favorite reveals.  Don’t worry, there’s nothing too shocking in here.  But I’d also like to analyze how likely we are to get toys from these games.

Resident Evil 7

When the trailer was first revealed during Sony’s panel I had no idea I was watching a Resident Evil teaser until the title showed up at the end.  It was certainly something different for a Resident Evil game.  There were no familiar characters, a first person perspective, and ghosts?  What’s going on here?  Resident Evil is easily my favorite video game franchise of all time.  Whatever direction they take, I am willing to go along with it.  Besides, I’m sure by the third act we’ll be punching boulders with Chris Redfield or at least something equally as ridiculous.

Chance of action figures: Well, Hot Toys JUST got around to announcing the Resident Evil 6 Leon and Ada.  So if we are going by that timetable expect figures from this game around the release of Resident Evil 8.  In all seriousness, a Play Arts Kai of whoever ends up being the main character of the game is probably a given.  No real domestic US companies have touched Resident Evil in a while.  I think the last we got was some Play Arts Kai of Leon and Helena.

Dead Rising 4

Dead Rising 4

The nice thing about the Dead Rising franchise is that I love it to death, but am also perfectly fine with completely forgetting about it between game releases.  I wasn’t actually expecting an announcement of the next chapter going into the show until leaked screenshots started showing up.  Then like Pavlov’s dogs I begun to drool uncontrollably.  It’s nice to see that good old Frank West is back as the main character, and bonus points for the setting appearing to be during the holidays!

Chance of action figures: Slim to none.  If there was ever going to be something it would have already happened.  We’ve had six games now (yes I’ll count Off the Record and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3!) and nary an action figure for Dead Rising.   It’s a crime that Frank West or Chuck Greene have yet to be immortalized in plastic.

We Happy Few

We Happy Few

This one slipped under my radar being it was a Kickstarter from last year.  However, the Xbox presentation was the first I had heard of it and the game caught my interest right away.  It has a very similar style to Bioshock, being based in a dystopian version of 1964 English city.  Basically society is obsessed with happiness and takes constant pills to stay that way.  Your character appears to start seeing the cracks in this whole situation and ends up being accused of being a “downer.”  At that point the citizens of this city attempt to track you down and kill you.

From checking out the early access information on Steam it appears the game isn’t a linear story, but instead a roguelike where the scenarios change each time you play.  I’m intrigued by this and will probably grab it when it opens up to early access on Steam next month.

Chance of action figures: Probably none.  AAA games rarely get action figures, so the indie guys have very little chance.  It would be cool, though!  And they’d fit in nice with NECA’s Biochock collection.

Death Stranding

Death Stranding

Will this be the actual title of the game?  Or will it be the subtitle like “The Phantom Pain” was?  Anyways, we really know nothing about it besides it’s Hideo Kojima’s next project and looks weird as hell.  It also probably will not be out until 2021, so don’t go buying that Playstation 4 in hopes of playing it just yet.

Death Stranding takes up the last two spots because I’m hyped.

Chance of action figures: I’d say chances are pretty good.  In the past Kojima has been pretty anti toy tie-ins after some issues with McFarlane and Metal Gear Solid 2.  He definitely opened up for MGS V with an extensive collection of Play Arts Kai figures.  With Sony bankrolling him I can’t imagine there won’t be a push for toys.  Will we get a naked Norman Reedus?  Weirder things have happened so don’t count it out!


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  1. I haven’t watched the RE 7 trailer yet, but I remember there was a very early trailer for RE 4 that had Leon fighting ghosts, and I think you used the GameCube thumbstick to control a sword. None of that made it to the final game of course, but it was an interesting teaser.

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