Hasbro Marvel Legends Kitty Pryde X-Men Review

Marvel Legends X-Men Juggernaut Series Kitty Pryde Review

Finally! The X-Men have come back to Hasbro Marvel Legends! If I come off as excited about these figures it’s only because I really am. X-Men are my jam, and it’s been a few years now since we’ve gotten a solid X-Men themed wave without some kind of divine sorcery making them difficult to obtain. Obtaining this one was smooth as could be! I preordered a case from Entertainment Earth and then about seven other online retailers because I was afraid of shenanigans. Luckily there were no actual shenanigans to be had, so I’ve been on a mad dash to cancel as many of those preorders as I can before they all ship to me. I’m a little worried I’m going to be swimming in multiple cases of these guys.

This wave consists of eight different characters, so a full case will yield you the entire wave without doubles. You need every figure except Deadpool to complete Juggernaut. There is also a special bonus build-a-figure for those collectors that completed the Red Skull Onslaught from the first Captain America: Civil War wave of this year. Kitty Pryde includes the Magneto helmet to make proper Onslaught! How far we’ve come from that awful crab-Onslaught-creature in Toy Biz’s 13th Marvel Legends wave.

Kitty comes packed up in a very full card that includes Juggernaut’s right arm, Lockheed, and the Onslaught helmet. Sometimes I neglect to mention it, but the individualized card art on the side of each box is really nice.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Kitty Pryde X-Men Review

Lockheed’s sculpt looks great! He’s a pretty basic accessory since he’s just cast in a pearlescent purple plastic with white paint for the eyes, but that’s really all you need for him.  He’s still able to perform the very important function of sitting on Kitty’s shoulder. He’s able to rest on her shoulder without any pegs or holes cut into the sculpt because his tail wraps around her neck. It’s a little bit of a balancing act, but you can also get him to perch on her open hand if you want. I appreciate that Hasbro made the effort to have Lockheed sit on her shoulder without the use of pegs.

Kitty utilizes the mid-sized adult female body. The new parts appear to be the upper torso, forearms, head, and belt. I can not stress enough how nice of a head sculpt she has. The ponytail is sculpted so that it does not interfere at all with the range of movement of her head, with or without Lockheed on her shoulder. I don’t really have any complaints about her. However, I’ve been spoiled by optional hands in past Marvel Legends releases, so I do wish we got a couple of additional hands for her use.

The Onslaught helmet is cause for celebration alone, but Kitty Pryde is probably my favorite figure in this entire wave. From the early pictures I expected her to be good. Once I had her in hand she far exceeded my expectations. Her head sculpt is incredible, all of the paint is clean, and the fantastic Hasbro female body does the rest of the work. This release blows the prior Toy Biz version out of the water.

If you are interested in picking up the entire X-Men wave, I’d suggest Entertainment Earth since they also offer free shipping along with the solid price. If you are just looking to pick up Kitty, Amazon currently has preorders up that should ship come August.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Kitty Pryde X-Men Review


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