SDCC 2016 Marvel Legends Official Pictures

SDCC 2016: Hasbro Marvel Legends Official Pictures!

This morning Hasbro hosted a press event for all of their collector focused lines, and we were treated to some new Marvel Legends reveals! We got our first look at the Dr Strange movie series and the next Spider-Man wave. So here are the pictures and lineups we have revealed thus far:

Marvel Legends Dr. Strange Movie Dormammu Build-A-Figure Wave:
Dr. Strange (Movie)
Karl Mordo (Movie)
Dr. Strange (Comic)
Brother Voodoo (Same as the SDCC 2015 figure with slight paint variation)
Iron Fist (Green Outfit)

Marvel Legends Spider-Man 2016 Wave 3:
Symbiote Spider-Man (aka Black Outfit)
Spider-Man UK
All New Spider-Man 2099
Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan)
Green Goblin

The build-a-figure for the Spider-Man wave has not been mentioned yet. More news as we get it in!


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