Hasbro Marvel Legends Falcon Walmart Exclusive Review

Marvel Legends Civil War Falcon Walmart Exclusive Review

When the Marvel Legends figures for Captain America: The Winter Soldier came out in 2014 there was a pretty large glaring omission, Falcon. Besides being long overdue for a new comic Falcon, Anthony Mackie’s version was fantastic and deserved to be on the pegs alongside Captain America and Black Widow. The Winter Soldier came and went with no Falcon. Ant-Man came and went with no Falcon. The first few Civil War waves were announced with no Falcon. What on earth does Hasbro have against this man?

Finally, it was revealed at Toy Fair this year that we’d get the Mackie we’ve been waiting for! Falcon would join Winter Soldier as a Walmart exclusive. That announcement feels like ages ago, but I suppose they wanted to time the release of these two closer to the Civil War DVD release. They aren’t the only ones, it appears that most of the Marvel Legends store exclusives are starting to show up now.

Being an exclusive, Falcon comes packaged in Captain America: Civil War branding but does not include a build-a-figure part. He includes a pair of wings, a backpack, and his drone Redwing. The backpack comes in two pieces, and then plugs into the holes in his back. The wings then plug into the backpack. Unfortunately, the wings do not have any articulation so without modification you are stuck with one pose. The wings could plug into the back better, however. While posing him the wings would constantly pop out because they don’t securely snap into the backpack since the inputs are quite gummy.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Falcon Walmart Exclusive Review

The biggest accessory omission with this release are the duel uzis.. Falcon even has trigger fingers to hold them! How could you give this man no weapons? Is he just going to fly around on his non-articulated wings all day? Between the Deadpool and Punisher releases I probably have enough guns to arm him, so I’m not too concerned about it.

Even though the goggles are covering his eyes, the Anthony Mackie likeness is really good! It also appears that the entire figure uses new sculpting, which is always exciting. Usually the movie figures are afforded original tooling at least once … but they get us back by reusing it for sequels. Even if it isn’t totally accurate.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Falcon Walmart Exclusive Review

Falcon is a long overdue addition to the Marvel Legends movie family. It’s a shame he ended up having to be an exclusive to Walmart as their exclusive distribution is spotty at best. Overall he’s a very good movie figure that could benefit to some improvements to the accessory load out, specifically the wings. Reworking the wings and the inclusion of a flight stand would greatly benefit this figure. Of course we have to consider Marvel Legends budget and MSRP here, so that may be too much to pack with one figure. Regardless of what could be improved he’s still a solid value for what he comes with.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Falcon Walmart Exclusive Review

Falcon and Winter Soldier are currently showing up at Walmarts across the country. If the Walmart’s around you stink, like mine, it may be worth keeping an eye on Amazon as eventually prices will start to drop.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Falcon Walmart Exclusive Review


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  1. The wings shouldn’t fall out if you plug them in properly, you’re supposed to remove the backpack, plug the wings into the backpack, then put the backpack on such that it sandwiches the wings between it and the body.

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