Hasbro Star Wars Rogue One Kmart Exclusive Jyn Erso EADU Review

Hasbro Star Wars Black Kmart Exclusive Sergeant Jyn Erso (EADU) Review

Kmart still exists in the year of our lord 2016? Well in fact they do, surprisingly! I was shocked to find out that there are still two of them within reasonable driving distance of my house. So with Force Friday coming up at the end of the month I figured I would venture out, since Kmarts generally don’t understand (or care) what a street date is, and almost never actually enforce them. My gamble was rewarded as I came upon an endcap full of their new exclusive: Sergeant Jyn Erso with a big rocky base.

I haven’t really kept up with Rogue One past watching the trailers and general toy release news, so the “EADU” moniker threw me at first. I figured it was most likely a planet, but just to be sure I googled it:

Hasbro Star Wars Rogue One Kmart Exclusive Jyn Erso EADU Review

That’s no planet! That’s no space station! I understand that Disney wants to make the Star Wars movies more enjoyable for mature audiences, but damn! That’s crazy and I don’t even know how anything in this release is even related but … oh wait there are more results:

Hasbro Star Wars Rogue One Kmart Exclusive Jyn Erso EADU Review

Oh, so it WAS a planet after all. My bad! I’ll have to assume the included giant base is of the terrain of planet EADU then. I hope this ends up like ‘The Force Awakens‘ exclusives and we get an accompanying base and figure pack later on. Preferably Darth Vader, since I have a feeling Jyn is going to face off against and possibly kill him in ‘Rogue One.

Jyn comes packaged in a box that is roughly twice the size of a normal Star Wars Black single figure release. There is a noticeable amount of empty space in the tray, but it’s a bit deceiving as she actually comes with a decent amount of accessories. The base takes up most of the bottom part of the box that isn’t really visible. Miss Erso also includes a removable hat, a removable oxygen mask and connected tank, a stormtrooper’s blaster, a personal blaster, and a mystery item. This mystery item kind of looks like a lightsaber, but could also be a flashlight or possibly Death Star plans? The bio on the back of the box doesn’t really explain anything, so at this point I’m left to speculate.

Hasbro Star Wars Rogue One Kmart Exclusive Jyn Erso EADU Review

Her sculpt is pretty good! My biggest gripe has nothing to do with the sculpt, but instead how she is packaged. Like many Marvel Legends and Star Wars Black figures, she is pre-posed in the packaging with her legs plugged into her stand. Unfortunately, this also places pressure against her left knee and when I freed her from the box that joint was stretched out and loose. My Jyn appears to be permanently bow-legged. I can hide it a bit by turning the thigh swivel outward a bit, but for the most part posing her legs isn’t working out too well.

Besides the accessories, the coat is the thing that differentiates her from the regular release. It looks as though they reused the lower half of the regular release and possibly the upper torso. The torso is tweaked slightly because this one has both a ball joint and swivel, the regular release only sports a ball. The coat overlays the torso and she has newly sculpted coat arms. I find that the coat can ride up the body a bit and cover up her neck, making her look a little more heavyset than intended. It would have been great if they glued in the shoulders of the overlay to hold it in place.

The head appears to be new as well! The face is very similar to the regular release but the hair is pulled back her her ears are exposed. I’m not usually a fan of removable hats, but this one actually looks pretty natural on her head. The oxygen mask snugly fits over her face as well. None of the accessories look comically large on her, which is nice. The face … is okay. It suffers from the same issue most Hasbro Black Series figures that aren’t masked have, lack of paint. The simplicity definitely takes a bit away from the likeness. It’s pretty easy to tell that that the majority of the paint budget went into her outfit.

Hasbro Star Wars Rogue One Kmart Exclusive Jyn Erso EADU Review

From looking at their upcoming ‘Rogue One‘ lineup, it doesn’t appear that Bandai is looking to tackle Jyn Erso any time soon. I’m not going to hold my breath either since they have yet to produce a Rey from ‘The Force Awakens.‘ Hasbro’s attempt isn’t perfect by any means, but it’s satisfying enough as a $25 purchase. Plus there is a little bit of a thrill in getting a figure a couple weeks before it’s officially supposed to hit shelves. Again, I thank Kmart for still existing and coming through on that front.

It doesn’t appear that Kmart has this figure up on their site, and to be honest even if they did I wouldn’t trust them to mail you the correct thing anyway. I’d keep an eye out on Amazon, as she’s bound to show up eventually! If not there is always the regular release, which is quite cheap to preorder at the moment.



2 thoughts on “Hasbro Star Wars Black Kmart Exclusive Sergeant Jyn Erso (EADU) Review”

  1. Damn, I’m seething with jealousy over here. I agree this is a pretty decent looking figure aside from the usual dumbed down paint from Hasbro. I’d say the removeable helmet is pretty successful here, one reviewer I saw completely missed that it was removeable and didn’t take it off for the whole video.

    1. Haha, I can kind of see how they might have missed it being removable because it does sit on the head snug enough that it almost looks like it’s sculpted on. It fooled me at first until I started messing around with her oxygen mask and it popped it off.

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