Toy Fair 2017 Top Six

Toy Fair 2017: Jon’s Toy Fair Top Six

Better late than never! Sure it’s been a few weeks now since Toy Fair has ended, but I still wanted to go over the highlights of the show for me. Plus it gives me a break from all these Marvel Legends reviews to make a list that includes Marvel Legends! If I ever stop updating this site for an extended period of time it’s likely I’m buried under a box of Marvel Legends.

Toy Fair 2017 Best of Marvel Legends

Hasbro Marvel Legends – I can’t pick a favorite because I want them all! We’re getting Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-Man, Thor: Ragnarok, A-Force, Fantastic Four, X-Men, and more coming this year. If I had to narrow down my favorite reveals it would probably be the Toys ‘R’ Us A-Force 5-Pack, Cyclops and Dark Phoenix 2-Pack, and what we saw of the Netflix wave.

There really wasn’t anything that even fell flat to me. I never knew how badly I needed a Cosmic Spider-Man until I saw that bearded head!

The crazy thing is with so many reveals we still have a bunch of upcoming unknowns such as the SDCC set, as well as the remaining figures in both the Thor: Ragnarok and Netflix waves. I’m willing to bet anybody $100 that the build-a-figure for the Netflix wave is Man-Thing.

Hasbro Transformers Trypticon – A giant transforming dinosaur robot … that eats Titan Masters, and has a full size deluxe-scale Transformer built into his neck? Sold!

Toy Fair 2017 Best of NECA Team Fortress 2

NECA Team Fortress 2 – I was not expecting this! In fact, a couple weeks back I was preparing for a local toy show and considered putting my NECA Team Fortress 2 figures in the sale bin. Thankfully I didn’t!

From our discussions with Randy over at the NECA booth, Valve had reached out to them a few weeks prior to Toy Fair regarding finishing the incomplete TF2 action figure line. Apparently they would like to finish out the team and possibly do some stuff to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the game. That sounds ambitious for a line Valve kind of put a stop to at one point.

Regardless, if they complete the red team I’ll be thrilled! If they can get the blue team as well I’ll be tickled! If this anniversary stuff becomes reality, awesome!

Toy Fair 2017 Best of Four Horsemen Mythic Legions

Four Horsemen Mythic Legions – I waffle on Kickstarters quite a bit. I’m just not a huge fan of dropping a large sum of cash on something that I won’t see until midway through next year. That said, seeing these in person and getting to look over every angle of them sold me. I ended up backing the Kickstarter for a solid collection of figures. I actually had to talk myself down from going all-in! If you care here’s how my pledge ended up:

Initial figure: Gwendolynne Heavensbrand – $45
Orc Legion Builder 2 – $22
Queen Urkzaa – $33
Goblin Legion Builder x2 – $36
Knubnik – $33
Gonxx – $33
Snagg – $33
King No’Glin – $33
Delphina of Eathyross – $33
Brother Mandibulus – $33

Total $334 (Ouch!)

Toy Fair 2017 Best of Super7 Masters of the Universe

Super7 Masters of the Universe – While their Masters of the Universe Classics figures look as obscure and amazing as ever, Super7 has a bunch of cool plans for their non-Classics items. First off are the ‘Powers of Grayskull’ vintage style figures. Towards the end of the vintage MOTU line a series of figures were prototyped to explore Eternia’s past and the line would be called ‘Powers of Grayskull.’ It never came out. Super7 will be bringing us the first ever vintage-style He-Ro and Eldor later this year.

But wait! Vintage collectors, that isn’t all! They will also be revisiting the vintage sculpts and releasing characters like Skeletor, He-Man, and Hordak in their Filmation colors. I don’t really collect vintage Masters of the Universe but I’m so impressed with what Super7 is attempting to do with the license.

Toy Fair 2017 Best of NECA DC vs Alien and Predator

NECA DC vs Alien/Predator – Love em’ or hate em’, NECA does manage to pull off some type of big-time licensing surprise each year. This is one I don’t think anybody saw coming either. Two-packs of DC characters fighting Aliens and Predators based off of the DC/Dark Horse comics from the mid-90’s are now a thing. A Joker Alien is also now a thing.

It’ also worth mentioning that NECA’s Batmen look better than Mattel’s.

I’m not totally sure if this is a line I will get into, but I can’t deny it’s completely out of left field and has people talking.


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